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Cadence Receives OCP-IP Contributor of the Year Award for 2011

The Open Core Protocol International Partnership (OCP-IP) develops and promotes a common standard for intellectual property (IP) core interfaces, ensuring faster and more cost-efficient design and integration of complex systems on chip. Each year, the OCP-IP honors a member company for its efforts in advancing the OCP specification. Cadence receives the 2011 Contributor of the Year Award for key contributions in the verification space.

The OCP-IP specifically acknowledges Gabriele Zarri of Cadence for his leadership and commitment to the OCP-IP’s Functional Verification Working Group. Mr. Zarri played a key role in completing the latest version of the OCP-IP Compliance Document, which includes compliance checks and functional coverage techniques. These guidelines eliminate the need for “best guess” verification, ensure that an OCP interface complies with the current specification, and guarantee verification quality and IP block compatibility at the system level.

“Standards efforts are important both to Cadence and to our customers. The Cadence strategy is not merely to participate in those efforts, but to lead them,” said Stan Krolikoski, Group Director of Product Marketing for the Ecosystem Division at Cadence. “Our receiving the OCP-IP Contributor of the Year Award because of Gabriele Zarri’s very high level of performance―along with the recent technical achievement award to Qi Wang from Si2―is evidence that our standards leadership strategy is succeeding and being recognized by the industry.”

Cadence has leveraged the work of Mr. Zarri and the Functional Verification Working Group in its OCP Verification IP (VIP), which includes verification of the newest OCP 3.0 specification with support for cache coherency.

"We are pleased to be named Contributor of the Year by the OCP-IP," said Erik Panu, Vice President of VIP R&D at Cadence. “Working with other leading companies in the OCP-IP community, we are creating standard interfaces that are critical for the next generation of multi-core products while simultaneously delivering the tools needed to bring the standard to market more quickly.”

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