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Palladium XP and Encounter Power System Help Texas Instruments Hit Actual Silicon at 96% Accuracy
Texas Instruments’ (TI’s) scalable Open Multimedia Applications Platform (OMAP) processors are known for high performance and ultra-low power consumption. These features are key differentiators, as TI processors are designed for smartphones and tablets that must support a wide range of multimedia applications, such as 3D games and high-definition videos.

To hit the required targets for performance and battery life, TI had to be confident that actual silicon would reflect original power estimations. Using Cadence power validation technologies—Palladium XP Dynamic Power Analysis combined with Encounter Power System—TI improved their methodology and met their goal.

TI achieved 96% correlation between their architects’ power estimation and actual silicon power consumption. They were also able to stimulate the design with actual software for real use-case scenarios, allowing them to address unexpected power peaks.

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