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Sharp Develops CMOS Image Sensor 2x Faster and Reaches Quality Goals with Encounter RTL-to-GDSII Flow

Design team achieves fast and flexible feasibility analysis with the industry's most mature digital flow

Demand is booming for user-friendly consumer electronics in everything from cars to medical equipment to smartphones. As a result, competition has grown fierce in the sensors and micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) devices market. So when Sharp Corporation launched a new CMOS image sensor project, it knew speed and quality were critical.

One key challenge for this project was timing and routability convergence. The design team needed a digital flow that would reduce time-consuming design iterations between synthesis and place-and-route tasks. To shorten the design cycle, it needed early visibility into whether the design could meet its targets and be physically realized.

With the Cadence® Encounter® RTL-to-GDSII flow—including Encounter RTL Compiler, Encounter Conformal® Equivalence Checker, Encounter Digital Implementation System, and Encounter Test—the Sharp design team met all quality targets and improved turnaround time by 2x compared to its previous digital flow.

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