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With MDV Methodology, Solution Delivers 2X Better Productivity

Verification closure continues to become more challenging as designs grow in size and complexity. The new Cadence® Incisive® vManager solution turns verification management into a coordinated, collaborative effort and, combined with its metric-driven verification methodology, provides 2X better verification productivity. A client/server-based verification planning and management tool, the vManager solution provides:
  • Schedule predictability, helping you know when the job is finished
  • Verification productivity, which helps you focus on the most critical failures, eliminate redundant cycles, and shift verification resources in real time
  • Improved quality, with lower risk of bugs

Collaborate, Coordinate, and Control
With the vManager solution, Cadence has rearchitected its predecessor, Incisive Enterprise Manager, with a commercial SQL database, new features for tracking verification progress, and an expanded use of the proven metric-driven verification (MDV) methodology.

The solution consists of four key components:
  • The planning center, where you create plans and link specifications
  • The regression center, where you launch jobs, view results, and triage tests
  • The analysis center, where you analyze metrics and coverage
  • The tracking center, where you track progress and visualize closure

Whether you have a verification team of 1 or more than 100 engineers, the vManager solution scales to support an unlimited number of simultaneous users as well as a virtually unlimited number of regressions. The solution provides more optimized database-driven resource management compared to the current generation of file-based verification products, as well as 10X faster coverage management.

Integration with Palladium Platform and Other Incisive Tools
The solution also integrates with other Cadence tools: Incisive Enterprise Simulator, Incisive Formal Verifier, and Palladium® XP verification computing platform. The vManager solution embeds the well-proven Incisive Metrics Center to analyze coverage of all types, including code, functional, assertion, checks, and some new coverage types just being invented.

“Driven by ever-more-demanding use cases, the growing complexity of our DSPs require a highly powerful verification tool capable of addressing billions of coverage points. The new Incisive vManager solution allows us to merge and analyze our latest cores’ databases on a scale never before possible, improving our productivity and providing faster time to market. As we begin to take advantage of the multi-user capability, we are confident we will gain even further improvements,” said Ran Snir, VLSI director at CEVA.

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