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Driving the Cloud Revolution with Cadence VIP

Cloud computing is driving a technology revolution. In the cloud, compute, networking, and storage resources become commodity services to which companies subscribe on an as-needed basis. Those companies, in turn, can effortlessly and cost-effectively roll out, scale, and decommission their applications and services in response to the real-time demands of customers and markets.

Behind the scenes, cloud computing is driving a secondary revolution in the IT infrastructure used to deliver cloud-based services to individual and corporate customers. Here, AppliedMicro, Calxeda, and other infrastructure vendors work with the emerging standards and technologies vital to cloud computing:
  • Ultra High-Speed 40/100G Ethernet – Emerging high-speed network standards that support the growing demands of network fabrics and virtualization
  • DDR4 – High-performance, next-generation memory interface that offers 2x higher performance and 40% lower power consumption than DDR3
  • LRDIMM – Advanced load-reduced memory interface that provides up to 3x the server memory capacity while maintaining the same loading as previous RDIMM generations
  • 12Gb/s SAS– Enhanced protocol for connecting storage systems, designed to deliver the massive data content required by the cloud
  • NVMe – Storage protocol (Non-Volatile Memory Express) for connecting drives and controllers, unlocking the huge I/O potential of solid-state drives
To assist and accelerate the efforts of cloud infrastructure providers, the Cadence Verification IP (VIP) Catalog includes a complete VIP suite targeting emerging cloud standards. By making pre-verified, up-to-date VIP available to server, storage, and networking vendors, Cadence is helping its customers be first to the cloud market and thereby advancing the state of the cloud.

"AppliedMicro values working with leading IP providers, such as Cadence, who provide high-quality products to help us achieve our design requirements cost effectively. To get to market quickly with lower integration risk, AppliedMicro chose Cadence verification IP architected for seamless integration into our advanced SystemVerilog design and verification methodology. Cadence's products' performance and integration gives us confidence that our end-products will properly interoperate with these industry standard interfaces."
Amal Bommireddy, Vice President of Engineering, AppliedMicro
“12Gb/s SAS is the latest evolution of the SAS standard poised to deliver enterprise class storage to a variety of cloud and data center environments. By doubling the data transfer rate, 12Gb/s SAS improves the cost performance density of SAS interconnects and enables higher degrees of capacity scaling. Pre-silicon verification capabilities, such as those offered by Cadence with its VIP products, are critical to the SAS ecosystem and reinforce the interoperability required of these pervasive storage interconnects. STA is pleased that Cadence is helping advance the rapid adoption of this all important industry standard.”
Harry Mason, Director of Industry Marketing, LSI, and President of STA

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