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Introducing the New Incisive 12.2 Release

Cadence is pleased to introduce Incisive 12.2, a new version of our leading functional verification platform and methodologies. Featuring new products and hundreds of enhanced capabilities, the solution is proven to double your overall verification productivity—including simulation, debug, and analysis—for complex IP and SoCs.

For faster and more accurate IP verification at block and chip levels, Incisive 12.2 features:
  • Twice the performance from the simulator engine
  • The new Incisive Debug Analyzer for multi-language post-process debug
  • A Register Verification App for exhaustive verification of register use cases using formal analysis
  • Simplified coverage analysis in the Incisive Metrics Center
At the SoC level, Incisive 12.2 has greater capacity for longer-running simulations, including those incorporating low-power and mixed-signal designs. Highlights include:
  • Enhanced low-power algorithms for more accurate modeling
  • An integrated digital-centric mixed-signal solution that uses real number models
  • Integration with Palladium XP for simulation acceleration, which includes the ability to hot-swap between software-based simulation and hardware-based acceleration
Customers building advanced node SoCs are already using Incisive 12.2 to their advantage. Gnodal Ltd., a high-density switch supplier, relies heavily on Incisive Enterprise Simulator, SimVision debug, and the metric-driven verification methodology to boost their development productivity.

“Performance, scalability, and efficiency define our high-density switches. The Incisive platform and support team embodies these qualities, leading us to substantially increase our Incisive Enterprise Simulator licenses and deploy Incisive Enterprise Manager and Incisive SimVision debug. We are implementing the metric-driven verification methodology and will use its automated verification planning capability to demonstrate our development productivity to our customers.”
Fred Homewood
Chief Technology Officer and Founder, Gnodal Ltd.
“Some of our customers are building 200 million-gate SoCs—even larger—at advanced nodes. The successful verification of these designs is critical, and it requires the coordination of distributed worldwide teams. Unmatched in the breadth of its technology, Incisive 12.2 provides the productivity improvements these teams need to bring their designs to market fast and at high quality.”
Chi-Ping Hsu
Senior Vice President, Silicon Realization Group, Cadence

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