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17 Dec 2009 Making DFM Work Better - Chip Design Magazine08 Dec 2009 Cadence - Enhanced IC design platform speeds quality products to market - Electropages08 Dec 2009 Thumbs-Up for Virtuoso IC6.1.4 Analog/Mixed-Signal Chip Design S/W - TechBites07 Dec 2009 Cadence Virtuoso gains significant improvements - EE Times07 Dec 2009 Cadence enhances Virtuoso IC design platform for analog and mixed-signal design - Analog Designline Europe07 Dec 2009 Cadence Strengthens Virtuoso Custom IC Design - SOC Central04 Dec 2009 Digital Implementation with SOI: Go with the Float - Advanced Substrate News

12 Nov 2009 Metric-Driven Verification: The Key to Achieving a New Level of Productivity - Design Magazine

28 Oct 2009 Outlook 2010 : It’s a Mixed-Signal World - New Electronics24 Oct 2009 Cadence and ARM joining hands to develop SoC design flow - EE Herald20 Oct 2009 Why verification engineers are like football players - EDA DesignLine14 Oct 2009 Technology and entrepreneurship — Click on three areas to fire up growth - The Hindu Business Line12 Oct 2009 Roundtable: Virtualization & Simulation - EDACafe06 Oct 2009 Systems Design and Verification Platforms – The Best Is Yet to Come - Chip Design Magazine

30 Sep 2009 Yet to Come - Chip Design Magazine29 Sep 2009 Openness and Cooperation Create Healthy EDA Ecosystem - EDN29 Sep 2009 PCB-Driven IC Pad Planning - Chip Design Magazine22 Sep 2009 Guest Blog: John Bruggeman - EDN15 Sep 2009 A Truly Open Verification Methodology - Chip Design Magazine15 Sep 2009 Methodology and Flow Challenges in System-level Co-design of Multi-die Packaged Systems - Chip Design Magazine15 Sep 2009 Unified Verification of SoC Hardware and Embedded Software - Chip Design Magazine

20 Aug 2009 Experts At The Table: Building A Better Mousetrap - Chip Design Magazine

29 Jul 2009 Panel: Future job prospects bright for EDA pros - EE Times28 Jul 2009 Cadence Mixed Signal - Chip Design15 Jul 2009 Cadence integrates chip planning with implementation! - Pradeep Chakraborty Blogspot14 Jul 2009 Cadence CEO sees innovation opportunities in downturn - EE Times India07 Jul 2009 Tackling formal assumptions through verification planning - EDN01 Jul 2009 Consolidation is good both for EDA vendors and customers - EDN ASIA01 Jul 2009 It’s a Mixed-Signal World - Low-Power Design

30 Jun 2009 It's a Mixed-Signal World - Low Power Design30 Jun 2009 Cadence Live! EDA & Development - Components in Electronics19 Jun 2009 Managing an adaptive verification environment with OVM - EDA DesignLine16 Jun 2009 EDA pioneer to receive the Wolfson James Clerk Maxwell Award - EE Times15 Jun 2009 Saving Time and Money with SaaS - EDA Thoughts15 Jun 2009 If you can’t measure progress against your plan, you have no plan! - Chip Design Magazine10 Jun 2009 Hemant Shah on Cadence's FPGA-PCB Co-Design Suite - PCB Design 00708 Jun 2009 Cadence claims leadership in analogue/mixed signal - EE Times Europe04 Jun 2009 CEO Interview: Cadence's Tan plans to build on analog strength - EE Times Europe

20 May 2009 Cadence rolls tools to speed design process - EE Times Europe18 May 2009 Cadence executive cogitates future of IC design - EDN

29 Apr 2009 Does Noise Analysis Accuracy Really Matter? - IC Design and Verification Journal28 Apr 2009 Cadence's focus -- systems, low power, enterprise verification, mixed signal and advanced nodes - Pradeep Chakraborty Blogspot24 Apr 2009 No half-way house - ESE Magazine17 Apr 2009 How EDA Kept Multicore from Scuttling Moore's Law - DACeZine17 Apr 2009 Cadence launches another initiative: this time the subject is mixed-signal design - EDN

31 Mar 2009 EDN names winners of 19th Annual Innovation Awards - EDN20 Mar 2009 Power Integrity: Effective management of timing, power, and signal integrity - EDA DesignLine19 Mar 2009 Establishing timing correlation between tools - EDN16 Mar 2009 Cadence aims to make power-efficient designs more predictable - EE Times13 Mar 2009 Plumbing 101: Current Leakage And What to Do About It - ChipDesign11 Mar 2009 Cadence End-to-end Design Solutions Enable UPEK to Consolidate Seamless Full-chip Design Flow - EDN Asia05 Mar 2009 Break Out of the Mold to Address Your Mixed-Signal Design Challenges - Electronic Design04 Mar 2009 Introducing Dynamic Power Analysis - Chip Design Magazine01 Mar 2009 Turning the Downturn Upside Down - Semiconductor International

23 Feb 2009 Cadence offers single license for verification IP - EE Times20 Feb 2009 Project management is all about planning and execution - Chip Design Magazine11 Feb 2009 Cadence rejoins the EDA Consortium board - EE Times03 Feb 2009 Cadence, Mentor snag DesignVision Awards - EE Times02 Feb 2009 You Can Never Have Too Much Performance - EDA Cafe

25 Jan 2009 Audios: View from The Top Executive Interviews: Focus and Innovation in 2009 - EDACafe20 Jan 2009 Cadence Design Systems Chose the Project to be the Recipient of the Company's Annual Fundraiser and Have Raised $1 Million - San Jose Mercury News16 Jan 2009 New Pediatric Center Opening In San Jose - KLIV16 Jan 2009 Cadence's Encounter to take on Synopsys' Galaxy? - CIOL13 Jan 2009 DesignVision Awards - DesignCon12 Jan 2009 China IC design industry should strengthen R&D amid economic downturn, says Cadence executive - Digitimes12 Jan 2009 Cadence Low-Power solution enables Fujitsu Microelectronics tapeout of 65nm WiMAX design - EE Times Europe