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30 Dec 2005 SystemC based Virtual SOC - EPN19 Dec 2005 Thousand Design Rules, Million-dollar Masks - EE Times16 Dec 2005 DFM Pumps Up the Volume - EE Times14 Dec 2005 Research Scientist Named 2006 DAC General Chair - EE Times13 Dec 2005 Cadence Spins Design Kit for RF Design - EDN12 Dec 2005 SoC transceiver tool kit speeds optimization of Wi-Fi, UWB, WiMAX designs - Wireless Net DesignLine12 Dec 2005 Methodology kit aims at easing RF IC design - EE Times05 Dec 2005 Cadence Tailors Tools for 'Elite' Digital Designers - EDN.com05 Dec 2005 Low-power IC Test Can Be Trying - EE Times05 Dec 2005 Open-source Database Links Today's Hodgepodge of Tools - EE Times05 Dec 2005 Overcome sub-90nm challenges - EE Times Asia05 Dec 2005 Anticipating nanometer design issues - EE Times Asia02 Dec 2005 Yield-aware Flow Launches - EE Times01 Dec 2005 Virtual vs Vertical - How will DFM Change the Foundries? - Electronic Business

21 Nov 2005 Variability Upends Designers' Plans - EE Times14 Nov 2005 Cadence Releases Advanced Design and Verification Bundle for Enterprise - EDN14 Nov 2005 Freescale, Cadence Confirm Multi-year EDA Agreement - EE Times14 Nov 2005 IEEE Votes 'e' Language for Standardization - EE Times14 Nov 2005 Cadence Links Verification Languages - Electronic News14 Nov 2005 Put Customer Front and Center - EE Times14 Nov 2005 Guide to Success: Fear and loathing at next node - EE Times14 Nov 2005 Cadence Segments Incisive Verification Platform - EE Times11 Nov 2005 OpenAccess Simplifies Chip Makers' Lives - EE Times11 Nov 2005 Freescale, Cadence Said to be Seeking Deal to Cut EDA Costs - EE Times07 Nov 2005 Tackling Test Challenges for Low-power Design - EE Times07 Nov 2005 OpenAccess Effort Has Momentum - EE Times07 Nov 2005 Streamlining the ASIC Design Process - Electronic Design04 Nov 2005 Panelists Optimistic on Lower Power Design - EE Times04 Nov 2005 Panelists Ponder Challenges of 45nm - EE Times04 Nov 2005 Panel Studies Power on SoCs - EE Times01 Nov 2005 Device Modeling, and Simulation Meet Shrink, Processing Challenges - Semiconductor International

31 Oct 2005 Design Kits Target WLAN, Consumer Electronics Apps - Portable Design China27 Oct 2005 Tools they are a-changin' - ElectronicsWeekly.com24 Oct 2005 Cadence Joins SystemVerilog Party, Offers New Bundle - EDN24 Oct 2005 Design Languages: Verisity Verification Tools Tuned for SystemVerilog - EE Times24 Oct 2005 90nm, 65nm Yields Prey to Leakage - EE Times14 Oct 2005 Scaling Up, Not Down - Semiconductor Manufacturing Magazine12 Oct 2005 FSA Panel - Gabe on EDA07 Oct 2005 Manufacturing Worlds Collide at Bacus - EE Times06 Oct 2005 Cadence, UMC Develop Reference Design for Wireless - EE Times04 Oct 2005 First 65nm Tapeout? - EE Times01 Oct 2005 Is DFM Working? - Electronic Business

28 Sep 2005 IBM Chip Consortium Powers Up with New Members - ZDNet Asia23 Sep 2005 Valley Firms, Employees Go Extra Mile for Katrina Relief - Silicon Valley/San Jose Business Journal22 Sep 2005 Collaboration and the X Factor - Electronic Design19 Sep 2005 New Physical Verification System from Cadence - EDA Cafe16 Sep 2005 Analysts give thumbs up to CDNLive! - EE Times14 Sep 2005 Kits address analog and mixed-signal design challenges - CommsDesign13 Sep 2005 Cadence begins tool segmentation strategy - Electronics Weekly UK13 Sep 2005 Parallelism Speeds Physical-Verification Tool - Electronic Design13 Sep 2005 90-nm Design: More Of The Same—But Much More - Electronic Design13 Sep 2005 Fister 'passionate' about kits - EE Times12 Sep 2005 Cadence Unveils Next-Gen Verification System - Electronic News12 Sep 2005 Cadence Goes for Kits - Electronic News12 Sep 2005 Multiprocessing speeds IC physical verification - EE Times12 Sep 2005 Cadence officially jumps back into DRC/LVS - EDN12 Sep 2005 Cadence speeds IC physical verification - EE Times12 Sep 2005 New Cadence Physical Verification System May Change Physical Verification Paradigm - SoC Central09 Sep 2005 Who Sets the Design Rules? - Electronic News09 Sep 2005 Collaboration Extends 90nm Low Power Design into Mainstream - Nikkei Electronics Asia08 Sep 2005 Cadence supporting OpenAccess 2.2 - EE Times05 Sep 2005 OpenAccess: first impressions at AMD - EE Times01 Sep 2005 Subwavelength Imaging at K1<0.3 - Semiconductor International01 Sep 2005 Case Study: Collaboration Success for Fabless Wireless IC Start-up in China Market - FSA Forum

29 Aug 2005 Designing ICs with the 'X' Architecture - EE Times22 Aug 2005 Tool Upgrade Brings Complex Package Models into Design Flow - EE Times22 Aug 2005 Cadence Ties Packaging and Power Analysis - EE Times18 Aug 2005 Get Up Close and Personal with Silicon Foundries - Electronic Design12 Aug 2005 KNTV-First Business Interview with Bill Porter - KNTV-First Business04 Aug 2005 Integrate High-Performance Analog/Mixed-Signal Circuits - Electronic Design01 Aug 2005 Checklist helps designers extract Spice facts from foundries - EDN.com01 Aug 2005 Make It So! Should We Be Even Talking About Design for Manufacture? - New Electronics

29 Jul 2005 RF IC Design Flow Can Be A Complicated Endeavor - Portable Design27 Jul 2005 Is EDA Optimizing the Wrong Level? - Electronic News27 Jul 2005 Cadence, Accent, ARM Improve Low-power Design - Electronic Engineering Times25 Jul 2005 New Cadence Allegro Released - Printed Circuit Design & Manufacture25 Jul 2005 Multi-voltage Cuts Chip Power by 40% - Electronics Weekly18 Jul 2005 Leaky Chips Test Designers' Skills - EE Times11 Jul 2005 Shift to 65nm Has Its Costs - EE Times11 Jul 2005 Improving Yield in RTL-to-GDSII Flows - EE Times01 Jul 2005 New DFM Tools Are Coming But Design/Fab Collaboration Must Grow - Wafer News01 Jul 2005 A Unified Approach to Portable Power IC Verification - Wireless Design & Development magazine

27 Jun 2005 How to Improve Verification Planning - EE Times27 Jun 2005 Leakage Mop-up Begins - EE Times23 Jun 2005 EDN Global Roundtable - EDN.com23 Jun 2005 Power Management in Consumer Electronics - EDN20 Jun 2005 Making the Best Use of Formal Analysis - EE Times20 Jun 2005 The search for semiconductor IP intensifies - EE Times16 Jun 2005 Power Puts Moore's Law in Danger - Electronic News16 Jun 2005 Search for Low Power Continues at DAC - EE Times16 Jun 2005 Digging in at DAC - Electronic News15 Jun 2005 Second Place Doesn't Cut It - Electronic News15 Jun 2005 Open Modeling Coalition launches at DAC - EE Times13 Jun 2005 ATI, TSMC, Cadence Move X Architecture Closer to Production - Electronic News13 Jun 2005 Cadence 45ø X-Architecture Gets Cheers from ATI - EDN.com13 Jun 2005 ATI Produces First X Architecture Chip, Says Cadence - EE Times13 Jun 2005 ATI positive on diagonal routing - Electronics Weekly13 Jun 2005 Cadence Details Enterprise Verification Strategy - EE Times13 Jun 2005 Emerging DFM, verification technologies most exciting, CTOs say - EE Times13 Jun 2005 TSMC reference flow heralds 65-nm transition - EE Times12 Jun 2005 Analog, mixed-signal set to invigorate IP market, says Gartner - EE Times09 Jun 2005 TSMC Releases DFM Kits, 65nm Reference Flow - Electronic News09 Jun 2005 TSMC outlines reference tool flow for 65-nm design - EDN.com09 Jun 2005 TSMC releases reference design flow for 65-nm processes - EE Times08 Jun 2005 Rebuilding Momentum in EDA - Electronic News08 Jun 2005 Oki Develops Analog Blocks Five Times Faster With Cadence Technology - Test and Measurement06 Jun 2005 Top-down Approach Speeds Mixed-signal Design - EE Times01 Jun 2005 Productivity versus yield - Electronic Business01 Jun 2005 DFM: Worlds Collide, then Cooperate - Semiconductor International01 Jun 2005 Design and verification with Cadence's Virtuoso AMS Designer - EE Times/Asia01 Jun 2005 Designers Turn to 3-D as Packages Mimic Manhattan Skyline - Advanced Packaging

31 May 2005 Tech, Drugs, and the Wealth of Nations - cnet news.com30 May 2005 Tackling physical verification below 90nm - EE Times/Asia25 May 2005 Cadence Adds IR Drop, Power Consumption Analysis Capability to VoltageStorm - EE Times25 May 2005 EDA vendors announce flows for IBM-Chartered 90 nm process - EE Times24 May 2005 Diagonal Design to Yield Production Chips in 2005 - MICRO16 May 2005 Low-power Design Goes Mainstream - EE Times16 May 2005 Co-design meets consumer needs - EE Times16 May 2005 Co-design Links Chips, Boards and Packages - EE Times12 May 2005 Reliable Sign-off at Smaller Nodes - EDN.com05 May 2005 Si2 to host open library modeling meeting at DAC - EE Times01 May 2005 Generating Faster-than-at-Speed Delay Tests with On Product Clock Generation - SoC Central

26 Apr 2005 Endpoint controller certified for PCI Express - Electronicstalk25 Apr 2005 Cadence PCI Express Passes PCI-SIG Compliance Testing - Printed Circuit Design & Manufacture25 Apr 2005 Cadence PCI Express solution passes PCI-SIG testing - EE Times Asia25 Apr 2005 Getting the Most Out of Formal Analysis - EE Times25 Apr 2005 Cadence's PCI Express solution achieves PCI-SIG compliance - EE Times15 Apr 2005 Evolution and Adoption of Formal Analysis - SoC Central14 Apr 2005 Ensure Valid Design Constraints Throughout the Design Process - EDN.com14 Apr 2005 Low-power Design Techniques Drop 90nm Consumption - Electronic Design14 Apr 2005 Cadence to Take VC Program to China, Europe - Electronic News11 Apr 2005 UMC poised to use X architecture for 90-nm chips - EE Times08 Apr 2005 Shift to 65nm Design Likely to be Quick - EE Times06 Apr 2005 X Architecture Becomes Mainstream - Semiconductor International05 Apr 2005 New priorities reshape DFM landscape - Solid State Technology01 Apr 2005 An Expanded View of Design-for-Manufacturing - Semiconductor International

31 Mar 2005 All Design is Analog—Some More So Than Others - EDN.com29 Mar 2005 Why You Should Care About Chip Design - Portable Design21 Mar 2005 Alliance Formulates Low-power IC Design Methods - EDN.com21 Mar 2005 Initiative Brings Low Power to Mainstream Design - EE Times21 Mar 2005 Low-power Flow Enables Multi-supply Voltage ICs - EE Times10 Mar 2005 Cadence teams up with austriamicrosystems on analog designs - EE Times Asia09 Mar 2005 Cadence, X-Fab to build design kits for analog, mixed-signal ICs - EE Times Asia09 Mar 2005 Software Offers Superior Internal Test Structures - Electronicstalk03 Mar 2005 Licensing deal seeks to extend OpenAccess - EE Times02 Mar 2005 Gurus Mull Challenges of 65 nm at Global Press Summit - EE Design01 Mar 2005 Intermediate Approach Speeds Design of Communications Chips - Network Systems Design Newsletter01 Mar 2005 Design-enabled Lithography and Lithography-enabled Design Tools Improve IC Circuit Manufacturing - OE Magazine01 Mar 2005 Collaborative DFM Critical for Enabling Nanometer Design - FSA

28 Feb 2005 Power-Rail Integrity A Factor Below 130nm - EE Times28 Feb 2005 Unified Methodology Enables Full-chip Test - EE Design28 Feb 2005 Cadence, Virage Logic Aim to Better Nanometer Design - Electronic News28 Feb 2005 Cadence, Virage Logic Aim to Better Nanometer Design - Electronic News25 Feb 2005 Cadence CEO Says EDA Marketing Must Change - EE Design25 Feb 2005 Where Has All the Power Gone? - Electronic News23 Feb 2005 Cadence Follows Intel Route with Private Show and Conference - EE Times17 Feb 2005 Cadence Tries Changing the EDA Payment Model - EE Times16 Feb 2005 'Yield-aware' Designs Target Production Issues - Solid State Technology14 Feb 2005 A Broader Look at ESL Design - EE Design14 Feb 2005 Designing for Yield Heats Up - EE Design14 Feb 2005 Ibis Can Help Model Gigabit Pre-emphasis - EE Times14 Feb 2005 IEEE SystemVerilog Heads Towards Balloting - EE Times11 Feb 2005 New Challenges in Design - Electronic News04 Feb 2005 Cadence teams with China IC maker for SCDMA transceiver - EE Design03 Feb 2005 Third-party IP: A shaky foundation for SOC design - EDN.com03 Feb 2005 Experts debate how to leverage design-for-yield - EE Design03 Feb 2005 Power Integrity Comes Home to Roost at 90 nm - Electronic Design03 Feb 2005 Design Platform Beefs Up Its Wireless Resume - Electronic Design03 Feb 2005 Cadence, Arithmatica Develop Math-Critical IC Design Flow - Electronic News03 Feb 2005 Special Market Focus: Collaborative Design, Part Two - Electronic News01 Feb 2005 DesignCon Keynote: Collateral and 'Cool Factor' Keys to CE Success -

31 Jan 2005 CoWare SPW joins Cadence Virtuoso flow - EDN.com31 Jan 2005 EDA Models Falling Short for Rapid Production Ramp Ups - EE Design27 Jan 2005 Special Market Focus: Collaborative Design - Electronic News24 Jan 2005 Cadence Eases Wireless Design with RF IC Flow - CommsDesign24 Jan 2005 Cadence Introduces New Mixed-Signal and RF Capabilities to Address Wireless Design Challenges - SoC Central24 Jan 2005 Techniques for reducing signal-integrity pessimism - EE Design24 Jan 2005 CoWare SPW Supports Latest Release Of Cadence Virtuoso - EE Design20 Jan 2005 Nanometer Yield Enhancement Begins in the Design Phase - Electronic Design20 Jan 2005 Power Analysis Plays Key Sign-off Role - Electronic Design17 Jan 2005 Open-source Project Looks to Ignite EDA Research - EE Times17 Jan 2005 Fat-pipe Battle Begins - EE Times12 Jan 2005 Cadence Buys Verisity for $285 Million - EE Design12 Jan 2005 Supply Chain Experts Add Insight Into DFM At Industry Roundtable - Future Fab International04 Jan 2005 Analog IC design stays strong - EE Times Asia01 Jan 2005 Dot.Org-Si2: Innovation Through Collaboration - Chip Design01 Jan 2005 Industry Execs Weigh in on Technology's Future - Semiconductor International