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26 Dec 2004 Developing the Right Flow for Aggressive RFIC Designs - CommsDesign09 Dec 2004 It's Time to Eliminate Wire Load Models - Electronic Design03 Dec 2004 Collaboration Seen As Key to DFM, But Experts Say Time Is Past for Just Talk - EE Design02 Dec 2004 The Why, Where and What of Low-power SoC Design - EE Design

30 Nov 2004 The Real Path to Widespread Multi-die Package Adoption - Portable Design29 Nov 2004 Don't Reinvent the EDA 'Wheel' - EE Design29 Nov 2004 SystemC Presses IEEE Standardization - EE Times25 Nov 2004 Watch Your Step: IC Technology and Tools Face Economic Hurdles - EDN.com19 Nov 2004 Focus On Results in System Language Debate - EE Times15 Nov 2004 Chartered Plays with Fire & Ice from Cadence - Electronic News11 Nov 2004 How Infineon Implemented OpenAccess - EE Design11 Nov 2004 How Infineon implemented OpenAccess - EE Times08 Nov 2004 Reuse of Analog Mixed Signal IP for SoC Design: Progress Report - EE Times05 Nov 2004 DFM is needed at 90-nm - Silicon Strategies03 Nov 2004 Si2 OpenAccess Links IC Logical Design to Physical Design - EE Design01 Nov 2004 Design for Volume - Chip Design Mag01 Nov 2004 DFT with a manufacturing emphasis - Test & Measurement World01 Nov 2004 Advice for the Multisite Design Team -

21 Oct 2004 A primer on processor-based emulation - EE Design21 Oct 2004 Cadence Prints Black Numbers - Electronic News14 Oct 2004 Mano a mano with manufacturing - EDN.com11 Oct 2004 Complex chips reignite demand for design services - EE Times11 Oct 2004 Methodology Sought For Assertion-based Verification - EE Times11 Oct 2004 Mind the Design Gap - IEE Review05 Oct 2004 FSA panel debates crosstalk doom - Silicon Strategies04 Oct 2004 Focus partners with Cadence on enhanced UWB for video - CommsDesign01 Oct 2004 How diagnostics accelerate nanometer yield ramp - Electronic Design

30 Sep 2004 Accellera Re-elects Officers, Cites Progress in IEEE - EE Times27 Sep 2004 Wanted: new class of engineering generalists for DFM - EE Design27 Sep 2004 On-chip VCOs can be digitally tuned - EE Times22 Sep 2004 Will 90-nm threaten fabless model? - Silicon Strategies20 Sep 2004 Counterpoint: new class of DFM engineers wanted - Silicon Strategies09 Sep 2004 Manufacturing-aware design helps boost IC yield - EE Design

16 Aug 2004 Cadence Virtuoso UltraSim Simulator Speeds Verification of TelASIC's Mixed-Signal Design - SOC Central03 Aug 2004 Q & A: Customer Focus, A Priority for Cadence Design's New CEO - Investor's Business Daily

19 Jul 2004 Cadence pcb, package tools get upgrade - EE Design15 Jul 2004 Minimize IC power without sacrificing performance - EE Design14 Jul 2004 Cadence links acceleration to SystemC - EE Design

30 Jun 2004 Mike Fister Gives Views on EDA Industry - CNNfn Money Gang25 Jun 2004 Approaches to Accelerated HW/SW Co-verification - EE Design15 Jun 2004 Cadence Promises Full SystemVerilog Support - EE Times14 Jun 2004 X routing heads for fab - EE Times09 Jun 2004 Can You Build It? - Electronic Business08 Jun 2004 Cadence adds DFM tools to Encounter - EE Design08 Jun 2004 Toshiba Claims First Chip Based on X Architecture - EE Design08 Jun 2004 Cadence Pushes Multi-Chip Integration - Electronic News07 Jun 2004 Design Yield Cost Model - EE Design07 Jun 2004 IBM, Intel Intro EDA Mobile Workstation Pilot - EDN.com07 Jun 2004 EDA at a Crossroads over Verilog's Future - EE Times04 Jun 2004 A new CEO's view of EDA - EE Design01 Jun 2004 Accellera reneges on IEEE SystemVerilog transfer - EE Times

31 May 2004 Cadence, CoWare Partner on ESL-to-RTL Verification - EE Design28 May 2004 Improving timing closure with physical synthesis - EE Design28 May 2004 Shotgun Wedding in the Design Chain - Electronic News27 May 2004 Verilog schism feared as Accellera bypasses IEEE 1364 - EE Times18 May 2004 Cadence accelerates routing with 'super-threading' - EE Design14 May 2004 EDA vendor, Accellera moves place SystemVerilog at crossroads - EE Times01 May 2004 Get it right for the holidays - Portable Design

30 Apr 2004 How to manage a derivative SoC project - EE Design29 Apr 2004 Tool lets you go with the flow - EDN29 Apr 2004 Interconnect takes center stage in pc-board design - EDN28 Apr 2004 Cadence Palladium vs. Axis Benchmark - Deep Chip26 Apr 2004 Chip-Integration Flow Spans Multiple Design Domains - Electronic Design26 Apr 2004 Bad signals interfere with 90-nm designs - EE Design26 Apr 2004 CeltIC vs. PrimeTime-SI for tool of choice - EE Design23 Apr 2004 How specifications drive analog design - EE Design22 Apr 2004 Cadence Shows Top-Line Growth - Electronic News21 Apr 2004 Improved Cadence results suggest EDA rebound - EE Design15 Apr 2004 Who's doing 90-nm tapeouts? - EE Design12 Apr 2004 Digital logic aids RF/analog in CMOS - EE Times08 Apr 2004 CEO Viewpoint: Open Doors in EDA - ElectronicsWeekly.com06 Apr 2004 Cadence acquires analog layout vendor Neolinear - EE Design05 Apr 2004 Cadence comeback strategy tied to platforms - EE Design

17 Mar 2004 Hearing-aid SoC: Tiny gear, big challenges - EE Times12 Mar 2004 Tool lets you go with the flow - EDN10 Mar 2004 Cadence Design Seen as 'Compelling' Value - Forbes08 Mar 2004 Cadence Releases New Allegro Platform - Printed Circuit Design & Manufacture08 Mar 2004 Cadence Platform Models Chip-to-board Interconnect - EE Design08 Mar 2004 DVCon panel session puts EDA CEOs on the spot - EE Times08 Mar 2004 Platform takes interconnect from chip to board - EE Times08 Mar 2004 Cadence Helps Designers Interconnect - Electronic News04 Mar 2004 A new approach to nanometer delay modeling - EE Design01 Mar 2004 Cadence Enhances its Virtuoso Platform with New Chip Integration for Fast, High-Performance Custom Design - EDA Cafe01 Mar 2004 Virtuoso unifies mixed-signal, analog flows - EE Times01 Mar 2004 Cadence Focuses on Flows - Electronic News

26 Feb 2004 ON TARGET, ON TIME: A Co-Design Methodology For System Interconnect - Electronic News17 Feb 2004 Cadence rolls synthesis tool, new metric - EE Design12 Feb 2004 'Quality of Silicon' Metric Gauges EDA Tool Success - EE Design12 Feb 2004 Dataquest report eyes EDA market reshuffle - EE Times10 Feb 2004 Cadence seeks to change 'first-time-right' definition - EE Design09 Feb 2004 Cadence vows to bridge design database divide - EE Times03 Feb 2004 OpenAccess users cite successes, concerns - EE Design03 Feb 2004 Executive program promises much debate - EE Times02 Feb 2004 From IC to I see-The CMOS Imager Challenge - Chip Design

30 Jan 2004 Time to Stock Up on Tech - Business Week30 Jan 2004 EDA Cos in India Ride High on Growing Design Service Market - Financial Express29 Jan 2004 Cadence Turns Corner - Electronic News26 Jan 2004 DAC 'trip report' evaluates EDA tools II - EE Times23 Jan 2004 DAC 'trip report' evaluates EDA tools I - EE Times21 Jan 2004 Cadence Moves To 64-bit Linux - TechWeb19 Jan 2004 OpenAccess claims inroads among design EEs - EE Times19 Jan 2004 CoWare forges a SystemC link for its SPW tool - EE Times16 Jan 2004 Cadence, 0-In offer combined verification solution - Electronic Design16 Jan 2004 HP adopts OpenAccess for 90nm flow - EE Times05 Jan 2004 Analog Hard IP Made Portable - Chip Design05 Jan 2004 Chao replaces Herscher as Cadence VP - EE Times05 Jan 2004 Cadence acquires process migration provider Q Design - Electronic Design05 Jan 2004 Cadence Adds Process Migration to Virtuoso Through Acquisition - Electronic News01 Jan 2004 Time Travel to 2029: Nanotechnology Thrives - Semiconductor International01 Jan 2004 Truth or consequences - Electronic Business01 Jan 2004 Accidental Infringement - Electronic Business