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Archived Webinars
Archived webinar - Magillem: Role of IP-XACT in TLM
15 Dec 2010       [ Register ]
Magillem is one of the leading suppliers of IP-XACT related tools. Listen to them as they talk about role of IP-XACT, how it applies to RTL and TLM level
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Archived webinar - Jeda Technologies: Performing Comprehensive Code and Functional Coverage on SystemC TLM Models
08 Dec 2010       [ Register ]
In this webinar, JEDA Technologies will present why it is necessary to perform code and functional coverage, and will discuss techniques available to do so. They will also share results on how coverage performed on C/SystemC models correlates with their RTL equivalents.
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Archived webinar - CoFluent Design: Creating the SystemC Models you Need, but Don't Have
17 Nov 2010       [ Register ]
In this technical webinar, CoFluent Design will share their knowledge on how to easily create SystemC transaction-level models (TLMs). They will present CoFluent Studio illustrating how to quickly create and analyze models for virtual prototyping, and to use these models in a pure SystemC or mixed-language environment with your existing Cadence simulator.
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Archived webinar - TSMC Reference Flow 11: ESL Focus on High-Level Synthesis
03 Nov 2010       [ Register ]
This webinar will introduce the concepts of modeling for high-level synthesis and a repeatable approach to creating high-quality RTL designs that meet area, timing, and power constraints.
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Archived webinar - System Realization Services from Cadence
20 Oct 2010       [ Register ]
Using real project examples, this webinar will highlight how customers are employing new methodology and technology for system design and verification, and the benefits of using Cadence products. It will also describe various ways that Cadence Services uniquely enable customer success and adoption of these new solutions.
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Archived webinar - TSMC Reference Flow 11 : ESL Focus on TLM Design and Verification Methodology
06 Oct 2010       [ Register ]
This webinar will introduce the various levels of abstraction in the stages of refinement and how to architect an advanced UVM verification environment to reuse through the entire flow.
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Archived webinar - Calypto: Application of Sequential Analysis for ESL Methodology Adoption
29 Sep 2010       [ Register ]
During this webinar, Calypto describes its shared vision and provides a complete overview of how its sequential analysis-based products play a key role in today’s new era of application-driven design.
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Archived webinar - Imperas: Breaking New Ground in Embedded Software Development
22 Sep 2010       [ Register ]
This presentation will show how the integration of Incisive SystemC simulation, Incisive Software Extensions, processor models from OVP, and software simulation and verification tools from Imperas enables software functional verification.
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Archived webinar - CircuitSutra: Role of Standards in TLM Driven Design and Verification Methodology
15 Sep 2010       [ Register ]
In this presentation, we will talk about various SoC modeling standards and how they work with Cadence tools to enable the TLM-driven design and verification methodology.
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Archived webinar - XtremeEDA: The Importance of a Complete Methodology for ESL
08 Sep 2010       [ Register ]
This talk will look at a few of the reasons why ESL adoption has been slow, and show why a new approach using a holistic methodology is changing the rate of adoption.
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