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 Digital Implementation and Signoff Webinar Series

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Archived Webinars
Archived webinar - Maximizing the Performance-Per-Watt of Your Next Design
09 Sep 2010       [ Register ]
Attend this webinar to explore the different options available to you to reduce power from both a leakage and dynamic aspect. Techniques such as multiple threshold voltage optimization and clock gating strategies will be discussed, as well as more advanced power management options such as power shutoff, multiple supply voltages, and dynamic voltage/frequency scaling. Finally, we will also explore the use of cutting-edge techniques like dual/quad flops to help you streamline your chip’s performance like never before!
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Archived webinar - Should You Design Your Next System With 3D TSVs? Hear from GLOBALFOUNDRIES and Cadence
03 Sep 2010       [ Register ]
Attend this webinar to discuss the challenges associated with the design, implementation, and verification of 3D-ICs using TSVs. Learn about optimum packaging solutions to meet desired performance and cost goals. Run through a holistic, production-proven flow that allows you to complete your 3D-IC design quickly.
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Archived webinar - In-design Signoff; It's All About Getting It Right the First Time
31 Aug 2010       [ Register ]
Attend this webinar to discover how to make the complete design flow more efficient by enabling the same signoff functionality tightly integrated with the design environment. Benefits and drawbacks of the approach will be discussed, including how designs with multiple modes of operation can be more efficiently managed.
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Archived webinar - Are You Ready For Silicon on Insulator Design Process? Hear from ARM and Cadence
25 Aug 2010       [ Register ]
Attend this webinar to find out what SOI technology can do for you and how you can maximize its benefits. You’ll learn how to implement and verify your analog, digital, and mixed signal SOI IP and SoCs, and you’ll hear about how Cadence and its ecosystem partners are collaborating to offer an end-to-end SOI solution and methodology.
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Archived webinar - Getting Back Timing Margins: Traditional OCV Alternatives
24 Aug 2010       [ Register ]
Attend this webinar to find alternatives to traditional OCV, what is needed to employ them, and what the tradeoffs are. Gather the information you need to make the most informed decision., what is needed to employ them, and what the tradeoffs are. You will be enables to make the more informed decision.
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