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Archived Webinars
Archived webinar - Are You Ready for Your Next-Generation Analog/Mixed-Signal Product?
09 Dec 2010 11:00 AM       [ Register ]
In this webinar, we will talk about the Cadence mixed-signal design and verification solution, which enables the abstraction of analog and mixed-signal designs for both architectural exploration and verification. Triune Systems will talk about this technology and some of the techniques they employ with these tools to establish design confidence for meeting aggressive time-to-market goals.
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Archived webinar - OpenPDK: What is the Goal of this Effort, and What is the Status?
07 Dec 2010       [ Register ]
OpenPDK members are seeking a means to define all of the necessary process information—design rules and device definitions—into a format that can be published once and used by all EDA vendors equally. Hear Cadence and Mentor discuss their views on the OpenPDK effort.
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Archived webinar - IC 6.1: A Leap Forward in Productivity
02 Dec 2010       [ Register ]
Join us in this webinar to learn how the Cadence custom IC team took an innovative metrics-driven approach to delivering customer-proven productivity improvements in the Virtuoso 6.1 release. You will learn how to pinpoint inefficiencies in your flows, as well as some of the latest back-to-basics tips on boosting productivity.
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Archived webinar - Managing Parasitics in the Back End
01 Dec 2010       [ Register ]
In this webinar, we will go through a methodology referred to as “Rapid Analog Prototyping” that shows how to efficiently and accurately generate physical information such as parasitics without having to wait for hand-crafted layout.
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Archived webinar - A Practical Guide to Exploiting Optimization in Custom Design Flows
30 Nov 2010       [ Register ]
This webinar will briefly explore the evolution of optimization in analog design and then quickly move on to how it is used in Virtuoso technology to provide real, practical benefits to analog designers. Attendees will learn about the expanded capabilities Cadence offers and how easy it is to incorporate optimization into the design flow.
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Archived webinar - Managing Parasitics in the Front End
19 Nov 2010       [ Register ]
This webinar will feature the Virtuoso Analog Design Environment GXL. Within the tool, there are facilities for you to add parasitic quantities to nets in the design, explore the effects on your measurements (including corners and statistics if you wish), and then give the implementation engineer direction on the critical nets within the design.
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Archived webinar - Analog Verification—How Do You Know Your Circuit is Right? Smart Verification!
17 Nov 2010       [ Register ]
In this webinar, we will discuss the latest methodologies and techniques available from Cadence today to improve both verification productivity and design team collaboration.
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Archived webinar - Remote Enablement for a Globalized Workforce - Cadence and Open Text Enable Optimized Performance
11 Nov 2010 10:00 AM       [ Register ]
Attend this technical webinar to find out how Cadence and OpenText are providing a complete solution and competitive edge for companies in four key areas: Accelerate design schedules and reduce time to market; Do more work in less time; Maximize resources while reducing cost; Manage outsourced design projects.
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Archived webinar - Parasitic-Aware Design: A Complete Analog Design Flow
10 Nov 2010       [ Register ]
This webinar will give you a high-level overview of the main steps involved in rapidly developing your designs and being able to deal with parasitics effectively. By attending this webinar you will get started with the proper background information to get the most out of the subsequent webinars.
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