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CES 2014

Industry Conference  
07 Jan 2014 - 10 Jan 2014  
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA  

Ready to put the WOW in your audio, voice, and speech processing with HiFi digital signal processors (DSPs)? Want to build for next-generation imaging/video requirements? Need to tackle the tough tasks in the system-on-chip (SoC) dataplane?

Meet with Cadence® Tensilica® HiFi audio/voice, baseband, and image/video processing experts at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Sign up for a private demo in our suite, MP25060, at the South Hall Meeting Place.

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Live CES Coverage
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Audio, Voice, and Speech Processing
More than 50 top-tier semiconductor companies and system OEMs have picked our Tensilica HiFi DSPs to deliver the best-sounding audio, voice, and speech processing for their products. The software is already ported for immediate deployment. Or, if you prefer to port your own proprietary software, you can do so in C while maintaining or even surpassing the performance of assembly on other DSPs.

Built for Next-Generation Imaging/Video Requirements
Today's applications processors are not equipped to handle the complex image/video signal processing functions in mobile handsets, tablets, DTVs, automotive, video game, and computer vision applications. Cadence's IVP image/video processor is a much-needed breakthrough in terms of energy efficiency and performance in current products. It also enables applications that were previously impossible in a programmable device. The IVP DSP was designed specifically to handle complex algorithms for innovative functions including multi-frame image capture and video pre- and post-processing, video stabilization, HDR image and video processing, object and face recognition and tracking, low-light image enhancement, digital zoom, and gesture recognition.

Tackling the Tough Tasks in the Dataplane
Our Tensilica processors offer more ways to perform complex signal processing than any other solutions on the market. Tailored to your application, our full range of dataplane processing units (DPUs) and DSPs provide the ideal combination of high performance, low power, and small area. From the lightweight dual-MAC ConnX D2 to the super-high-performance 64-MAC ConnX BBE64, these off-the-shelf, ready-to-run intellectual property (IP) designs provide industry-leading high performance for applications from SmartGrid to 802.11 AC modems to LTE-Advanced. With our special-function DPUs, you save the time that you’d otherwise spend designing these common functions.

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