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Archived Webinar: Reducing MCAD Iterations with STEP

Original webinar date:
20 Jun 2013  
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Join us for a webinar that will provide tips for reducing unnecessary iterations and gaining more clarity to changes made by mechanical engineers.

Cadence® Allegro® and OrCAD PCB Editor now provide a way for users to import 3D models of components and enclosures to enhance the native 3D view of the PCBs. This ability to view PCB assembly with accurate 3D models allows PCB designers to make intelligent decisions about component placement and avoid unnecessary iterations with their mechanical counterparts.

This webinar will show how to view changes proposed by mechanical, how to import STEP models for components and enclosures designers in Allegro, OrCAD PCB Designer. It will also show how to export the PCB assembly in STEP format from Allegro, OrCAD PCB Editor.

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