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Archived Webinar: Configurable Specman Messaging for Improved Productivity

Original webinar date:
17 Jul 2013  
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Messages are an integral part of verification environment. They provide configurable debug information, enabling users to adjust the amount of information on demand. The existing message infrastructure in Specman e is based on message loggers. Message loggers are added in an auxiliary fashion by verification engineers and VIP developers. In most verification environments, it is very hard to anticipate the exact user requirements for message configuration, so this approach has several shortcomings. With the Specman 12.2 release, there is a new way to control and configure messages based on the location in the verification hierarchy (unit-tree) from which the messages were emitted. In this webinar we will expose previous shortcomings and reflect how the new infrastructure solves those issues.

Who should attend?
  • Verification engineers, verification leads, and design engineers interested in improving their debug productivity using messages
  • Verification engineers and verification leads interested in finding out how the new e message configuration infrastructure can be used

What you will learn
  • Basic introduction to the configurable message system in Specman e
  • Understand how messages can now be configured based on the component hierarchy
  • Find out about the new command switches and options to configure messages
  • Learn about the new procedural message configuration APIs in Specman e

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