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New TSMC-Cadence Webinars for Advanced Node Design: Addressing Layout-Dependent Effects

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25 Apr 2013  
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Manoj Chacko and Bala Kasthuri of Cadence and Jason Chen from TSMC will present “Variation-Aware Design: Detecting and Fixing Layout-Dependent Effects Using the Cadence® Virtuoso® Platform, Part II, a sequel to Variation-Aware Design, Part I. You’ll learn about:
  • The solutions jointly developed by Cadence and TSMC, to provide a complete layout-dependent effect (LDE) flow for circuit and layout designers working at 28nm and below
  • When, why, and how you should incorporate TSMC's LDE-API with Cadence Virtuoso tools into an analog, custom, or mixed-signal design flow to achieve the most efficient design cycle time

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