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Archived Webinar: Better Verification Performance – The Ideal Holiday Gift

Original webinar date:
04 Dec 2012  
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We fight the performance battle all year and growing designs, tests, and test suites constantly make it more difficult. Luckily, Cadence is also constantly developing new capabilities to improve verification performance. In the “Racing for the Chequered Flag: Tuning Incisive for Speed” webinar, we helped you find some performance and we’re back to do even more, just in time for the holidays.

We don’t need a bunch of industry statistics to tell us that we’re running short of the compute cycles needed to close verification on a given project. Our webinar in the first half of 2012 focused on techniques for identifying performance bottlenecks in simulation scripts and in the runtime environment. This webinar will dig deeper and describe more substantial changes you can make that will also lead to larger performance gains throughout the compile/elaboration, execution, and debug cycle. The webinar will use the Cadence® Incisive® Enterprise Simulator to give you the gift of better performance in 2012.

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