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Archived Webinar: Integrating Chip Verification into an ISO26262 Traceability Flow

Original webinar date:
06 Nov 2012  
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ISO26262 is a new functional safety standard for the automotive industry, with an emphasis on traceability and tracking of a broad set of requirements in electrical, electronic, and semiconductor chips. The first edition was published in late 2011 with the intention of being applied to electrical and/or electronic systems installed in "series production passenger cars" with a maximum gross weight of 3500kg. It aims to address possible hazards caused by the malfunctioning behavior of electronic and electrical systems. ISO26262 and functional verification of semiconductors have traditionally been duplicate activities. Combining these two notions within a development eliminates redundancy. But how?

This webinar will show how to combine a metric-driven verification flow typically used in functional verification with an ISO26262 requirements management flow. The solution entails electronically transferring requirements into the verification flow, and then managing the verification effort independently from there. The complexities of the flow, along with traceability and change management aspects, are highly automated such that the two systems can operate as one and eliminate duplication of effort. A demonstration will be provided utilizing a CSV output file representing typical requirements as exported from leading requirements management solutions, which need to be tracked and reported.

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