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Archived Webinar: What is New in Encounter v11.1: Giga-Scale Design

Original webinar date:
29 Mar 2012  
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Attend this technical webinar and find out the latest Cadence Encounter Digital Implementation (EDI) System has to offer in enabling giga-scale designs.

Learn how our GigaFlex technology can handle growing capacity requirements by extending FlexModels, FlexILMs, and FlexViews. FlexModels enable netlist compression while retaining the relevant physical and logical information, allowing for faster turnaround time and one-pass implementation handoff. FlexILMs and FlexViews enable concurrent top-and block-level optimization and final hierarchical closure, resulting in fewer iterations and a faster path to hierarchical convergence. Attend this webinar and find out how to enable your next SoC with Cadence technologies.

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