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Archived webinar - What Metrics Matter - A User’s Perspective on Coverage

Original webinar date:
03 Nov 2011 9:00 AM  
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Coverage is the metrics of verification, and understanding what metrics matter is key to verification success. In this webinar, we will share with you the goals of different types of coverage metrics and relative advantages and disadvantages of each. The webinar will discuss how these metrics can help you identify weaknesses in you verification environment with the objective of implementing additional metrics to increase the chances of finding bugs early. Presented by expert user Amit Gupta, the goal of this webinar is to share:
  • How to use the various aspects of code coverage
  • Understanding and using FSM coverage
  • Meaningful metrics for functional coverage
  • Assertion coverage and where to best apply this technique
The webinar will share the details of what metrics matter during the different stages of verification and how these metrics can be leveraged to reduce the risk of failures in your design. Knowing where to start and how to finish is fundamental to verification success. This webinar will be mostly focused on methodology and not tools; however, some tool-based representative examples will be shown for credibility and reference to the methodology.

Who should attend?
  • Verification engineers, verification leads, designers, and managers interested in improving quality, productivity, and predictability of their verification process
  • Solid understanding of coverage-driven verification is a prerequisite

What you will learn
  • Verification coverage philosophy and implementation guidelines
  • Anatomy of the various coverage metrics and what they provide
  • 10Guidelines to identify what metrics matter at various stages of verification flow
  • Coverage targets and understanding which approaches have the most impact
  • Understanding how coverage metrics help you determine if verification is complete and if there are potential remaining risks

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