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Archived webinar - Oceans of Expertise Connecting the UVM to Sea (C /C++/SC)

Original webinar date:
20 Oct 2011  
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We all know that Accellera’s Universal Verification Methodology (UVM) is architected for multi-language and every project team has a plethora of C/C++/SystemC models. But how can you efficiently use them together? You could translate your legacy code to SystemVerilog, but that would be an expensive proposition. For sure you can cobble together some data connection using SystemVerilog DPI, but that approach has limited reuse and scalability.

Cadence has pioneered multi-language support in the OVM and is pleased to announce it has been updated for the UVM. Our verification expert Phu Huynh has a decade of practical experience with SystemC and SystemVerilog methodologies, and he is delighted to share his expertise with you. This webinar will focus its attention on:
  • Wrapping C/C++ models with transaction-level model (TLM) interfaces
  • Efficient C/C++/SystemC integration with UVM SystemVerilog using Cadence ML
  • Debug techniques for multi-language verification environments
  • Portability issues across simulators for mixed-language environments
The webinar will share the steps you need to prepare, build, and debug the mixed-language verification environment. It will focus on the methodology for mixed-language environments, bringing the Incisive Enterprise Simulator into the discussion primarily to describe advanced debug techniques.

Who should attend?
  • Verification engineers, verification leads, designers, and managers interested in leveraging existing C/C++/SystemC IP
  • Solid understanding of the UVM is a prerequisite

What you will learn
  • Requirements for modeling C/C++/SystemC in a UVM-based environment
  • Topologies and protocols supporting integration of SystemVerilog with C/C++/SystemC models
  • Applying SystemVerilog randomization and constraints to a mixed-language environment
  • Advanced debug techniques to resolve multi-language issues
  • Do’s and don’ts with respect to building a portable environment

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