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Archived webinar - Learn Aspect-Oriented Programming—Verification Beyond Imagination

Orignal webinar date:
11 Apr 2011  
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e is a hardware verification language (HVL) tailored to implementing highly flexible and reusable verification testbenches. Learn how specific features of aspect-oriented programming (AOP) can help address the refinement and reuse requirements of modern verification environments. AOP is a key difference between e and SystemVerilog, and very applicable to the verification problem. AOP can be thought of as a superset of SystemVerilog object-oriented programming (OOP), in the sense that a user generally has to apply OOP concepts to successfully apply AOP. Both methodologies share the concepts of objects and enable users to organize their code around those objects. However, AOP goes beyond OOP in providing more flexibility to organize code modules not only by objects, but also by cross-cutting concerns, a functionality that touches multiple objects in the code set.

Join this webinar to learn more about aspect-oriented programming concepts and how they can help you improve your verification productivity.

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