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Archived webinar - Jeda Technologies: Performing Comprehensive Code and Functional Coverage on SystemC TLM Models

Original webinar date:
08 Dec 2010  
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As designs get larger, it's increasingly difficult to get early estimates of design performance. With RTL-based design methodologies almost all of the architectural decisions have been made early, making any changes at the RTL stage extremely difficult. One alternative is to design virtual prototypes in SystemC that deliver transaction-level models (TLMs) and perform early analysis on virtual models of the silicon. These models run fast at a higher level of abstraction, and offer the ability to track code and functional coverage on your TLM-based design. In this webinar, JEDA Technologies will present why it is necessary to perform code and functional coverage, and will discuss techniques available to do so. They will also share results on how coverage performed on C/SystemC models correlates with their RTL equivalents.

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