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Archived webinar - Migrating from VMM to the UVM

Original webinar date:
08 Dec 2010  
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With the UVM 1.0 release around the corner, this is the time to plan a migration from OVM, VMM, and custom methodologies. The Accellera Verification IP Technical Subcommittee standardized an OVM-VMM interoperability Best Practices guide in July of 2009. Cadence has updated the library associated with the standard to be compatible with the UVM, and donated that back to Accellera. In addition, Cadence has upgraded the OVM-UVM migration script based on real-world customer experience. Attendees will learn about the migration planning requirements by walking through case studies of VMM and OVM migrations as well as Vera RVM to OVM/UVM. These examples will cover both the verification environment and the associated register packages.

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