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Archived webinar - Remote Enablement for a Globalized Workforce - Cadence and Open Text Enable Optimized Performance

Original webinar date:
11 Nov 2010 10:00 AM  
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With today’s globalization, it is becoming the norm for something to be invented in North America, Europe or Japan, be transferred to Taiwan or India for finalization and then shipped to China for manufacturing. This trend has put a particular burden on the custom design process because the quality of the design is based on precise communication at every step. One small misinterpretation at any point can lead to an expensive design re-spin, or even worse: not making it to the finish line in time. There is a recognized need to facilitate better communication during the long custom design cycles. From a software point of view, the design tools must help engineers maintain the “intent” of the design throughout the entire process, whether the design is moved across the room or across the planet.

From an underlying infrastructure perspective, a remote and mobile workforce needs secure, high-performance remote access to design tools in centralized application centers and the ability to share information and collaborate in real time over any network.

Attend this technical webinar to find out how Cadence and OpenText are providing a complete solution and competitive edge for companies in four key areas: Accelerate design schedules and reduce time to market; Do more work in less time; Maximize resources while reducing cost; Manage outsourced design projects.

This webinar will also cover the needs to enable OpenText’s Exceed onDemand and the Cadence Virtuoso software to work together for optimal performance to help customers achieve their high level objectives of virtualization, remote access, and collaboration.

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