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Archived webinar - Switch Mode Power Supplies (SMPS)

Original webinar date:
04 Nov 2010  
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This webinar features the use of Cadence PSpice technology to design and analyze switched-mode-power supplies.

The PSpice-enabled design capture flow will showcase the ability to design magnetics for a Switch-Mode Power Supply (SMPS) design based on design specifications. We’ll also demonstrate the capability to explore the complete design using fast simulations and assertions. Detailed simulations and plotting of load and line-regulations will be used to validate the design. Since power-supplies have components with high tolerances and dissipate lots of power, the flow will also demonstrate use of PSpice Advanced Analysis to inspect component stress and yield for optimal selection of physical components. The same design can then be taken to PCB layout.

The webinar presents an overview of the advantages and benefits of the new features, design flows, and capabilities now available in the OrCAD / Allegro 16.3 release.

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