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Archived webinar - A Practical Guide to Exploiting Optimization in Custom Design Flows

Original webinar date:
30 Nov 2010  
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Optimization technology has been around for a number of years and was thought by some to provide a solution to automating analog design. The reality turned out to be far from the truth, as all the knowledge of a design had to be first captured into an algorithm, and then could only produce variants of an existing design. Now, optimization is used as a tool to assist the designer while not getting in the way of the creative process.

This webinar will briefly explore the evolution of optimization in analog design and then quickly move on to how it is used in Virtuoso technology to provide real, practical benefits to analog designers. Attendees will learn about the expanded capabilities Cadence offers and how easy it is to incorporate optimization into the design flow. Also, practical guidance will be given on where optimization works well and how to use it as a design aid.

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