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Archived webinar - Managing Parasitics in the Front End

Original webinar date:
19 Nov 2010  
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It is not uncommon for the design engineer to have a "feel" for the parasitics that might appear due to physical implementation. But there has never been a good way to explore the parasitic possibilities effectively in a pre-layout mode. Now you can.

This webinar features the Virtuoso Analog Design Environment GXL. Within the tool, there are facilities for you to add parasitic quantities to nets in the design, explore the effects on your measurements (including corners and statistics if you wish), and then give the implementation engineer direction on the critical nets within the design that need to be handled with care. Additionally, parasitics from already-created (previous or new) blocks can be "stitched" into the design and act as a parasitic value. During post-layout parasitic analysis, you'll be able to compare against your estimates to see if any critical nets are falling outside the boundaries you need for your design to work most effectively.

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