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Archived webinar - Calypto: Application of Sequential Analysis for ESL Methodology Adoption

Orignal webinar date:
29 Sep 2010  
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During this webinar, Calypto describs its shared vision and provides a complete overview of how its sequential analysis-based products play a key role in today’s new era of application-driven design. The discussion highlights the advantages of Calypto’s SLEC System-HLS product, which comprehensively verifies the RTL generated by high-level synthesis tools using its patented sequential analysis technology. In addition, Calypto reviews the benefits of incorporating Cadence C-to-Silicon Compiler as well as how SLEC enables the broader adoption of TLM-driven design. Calypto will also provide a detailed review of its sequential analysis-based PowerPro products, which deliver both dynamic and leakage power savings and enable customers to produce the most energy-efficient designs possible.

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