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Archived webinar - Linking the Business and Electronic Component Data Domains using PTC Windchill Gateway for Cadence Allegro Design Workbench

Original webinar date:
29 Jul 2010  
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Linking the Business and Electronic Component Data Domains using Allegro Library Workbench and PTC Windchill Library Gateway

Today’s PCB design teams commonly deploy a centralized library management group to develop and manage component information, which commonly includes schematic symbols, physical footprint, and device information (metadata). This process can quickly become a choke-point and has spawned collaborative library management solutions such as the Allegro PCB Library Workbench. However, ever-changing business data (regulatory info, purchasing info, AVL and status, device characteristics etc.), resides outside of the EDA tool environment in a corporate MRP system. Ignoring this data can lead to design errors, causing a production issue. In this webinar, you will learn how to integrate electronic and business data environments to enable a live bi-directional feed of data and a superior parts management system, resulting in fewer design spins and fewer delayed projects.

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