Automatic, Interactive, and Auto-Interactive Routing Techniques
Faster routing with bundle rat order and layer control
Getting routes out of dense ball grid arrays (BGAs) has become an increasing problem for PCB designers. With increasing pin counts and shrinking pin pitches, the time layout designers spend on getting routes in and out of BGAs has gone up significantly. Traditional approaches of doing breakouts first and then routing the traces between two BGAs is running out of steam as resolving the resulting crossovers takes up a lot of time and board real estate.

Auto-interactive Breakout Technology (AiBT)
Auto-interactive Breakout technology (AiBT) improves user efficiency by allowing users to plan to break out on both ends. AiBT can be used with the new Split View and Bundle Sequence commands to dramatically shorten the time required to develop a high-quality and properly ordered breakout solution.
Scribble mode routing
Scribble is a simple routing mode that allows you to ‘scribble’ a route path onto the canvas. Once a click is made, the etch solution for the scribble path will be generated. Scribble provides a quick two-pick methodology to generate complex route paths, along with very controlled usage of push/shove based on the scribble path.

  • Plan breakouts on both ends of an interface quickly
  • Reduce time to route and reduce vias
What You Can Do