Allegro Auto-Interactive Routing Technology Overview
The Cadence® Allegro® platform provides a unique set of auto-interactive technologies to quickly and efficiently accelerate routing of highly constrained interfaces. This new set of auto-interactive technologies combines the intuition of the layout designer with the power and intelligence of the route engine that automates the process. Auto-interactive technologies can be applied to enhance all three phases of routing– planning, routing, and tuning/optimization.

Customer Success: Pegatron Achieves 3X Faster Timing Closure
"The AiDT (Auto-interactive Delay Tuning) feature in Allegro PCB Designer ended our frustrations over all of the time we were spending on routing and tuning. All of hours we're saving as a team can be directed toward new project requests for the business." Sky Huang, Deputy Director of Computer-aided Engineering, Pegatron
Business Challenges
  • Free up resources to support more project requests
  • Enhance productivity of engineering team
Design Challenges
  • Faster routing and tuning process for boards
Cadence Solution
  • Allegro PCB Designer (Auto-interactive Delay Tuning feature)
  • Full Allegro suite of products
Case Time to tune with AiDT + manual edits Time to tune with manual methods Speed advantage
Server Board 5 hours 15 hours 3X
Tablet 3.8 hours 12 hours 3X
What You Can Do