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Company Description
Methods2Business delivers expert knowledge and high-quality consultancy services for system houses and semiconductor companies seeking to improve their time to market and ensure their product quality. Methods2Business helps its customers achieve these improvements by deploying the most innovative and differentiating design solutions that rely on formal methods and state-of-the-art virtual prototyping. Formal methods guarantee mathematically proven bug-free hardware and defect-free software. An early-available and easy-to-use virtual prototype enables pre-RTL software development and real hardware—software co-design and co-debugging. It is also the fastest and most efficient way to provide ready-to-use embedded systems with emerging software applications—“apps” as the primary differentiator. Methods2Business undertakes complete hardware and software projects, including project management for customers using these innovative solutions.

Methods2Business selects its partners based upon the strength of their technologies. Today, Methods2Business partners with:
  • Cadence® System Realization Alliance Program to support customers with state-of-the-art embedded system design and verification solutions
  • OneSpin-Solutions in Munich, Germany to provide formal GapFree verification services for hardware IP
  • Verum Software Technologies in Waalre, the Netherlands to deploy the ASD:Suite, a software design automation environment built upon a patented formal verification approach to guarantee the completeness and correctness of a software design
  • ARM Ltd. in the U.K. for access to ARM® Fast Models, which are programmer’s view models validated by ARM that allow debug, analysis, and optimization of software applications throughout the development cycle
Methods2Business has its headquarters in Eindhoven, the high-tech region of the Netherlands, and has an office located in Novi Sad, a university city in Serbia, where the company has an engineering team in the new Incubator Center.

Joint Solution
Cadence and Methods2Business are collaborating to roll out the Cadence Virtual System Platform to address the concerns of system-level design and verification and the need for early verification of embedded software on a SoC design. Methods2Business sees in Cadence the ideal partner to support customers with the creation of a virtual prototype based on TLM 2.0 and SystemC™ standards and to make optimal use of it throughout the entire SoC design flow.

The tight integration of the Cadence Virtual System Platform with their standards-based Incisive® Enterprise Simulator makes Cadence an attractive partner for Methods2Business to innovate on design methods, and enables them to combine technologies of various partners.

Methods2Business strongly believes that only the companies that have the nerves to innovate in times of uncertainty will survive the economic crisis. Dealing with the complexity of modern electronic devices and their differentiating software applications forces companies to adopt the best-in-class design methods to control their product development times and guarantee product quality.

The early availability of a high-performance virtual prototype is critical to reduce software development costs while speeding up development time and increasing product quality. While the creation of such a virtual prototype in the past was difficult, time consuming, error prone, and limited to SystemC/TLM2.0 gurus only, its creation today in the Cadence Virtual System Platform is easy, fully automated, and offers almost real-time simulation performance.

“Strategic partnerships are of key importance to Methods2Business to excel as a service provider in the challenging semiconductor market and to make true what we promise: supporting semiconductor companies and system houses in improving time to market and product quality,” says Marleen Boonen, Founder and Managing Director of Methods2Business. “Joining the Cadence System Realization Alliance Program is an excellent opportunity for us to foster innovation and to work with industry-leading technologies for embedded system design.”

Contact Information
Marleen Boonen, Founder and Director

Methods2Business B.V.
Burg. Wittestraat 21
5616 DA Eindhoven
the Netherlands
+31 40 29 10 251
+31 6 31 939 858

Methods2Business D.O.O
Vojvodanskih brigada 28
21000 Novi Sad
Vojvodina, Serbia
+381 63 496 184