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El Camino GmbH

Company Description
El Camino is a leading provider of engineering design services for FPGA, ASIC, verification, and board layout in the dynamic communications, computing, automotive, and consumer electronics industries. With more than 25 experienced design and verification engineers, El Camino has a well-earned reputation for offering innovative engineering solutions and completing the implementation of these solutions in a rapid, professional, and reliable way. El Camino has expertise in creating sophisticated verification environments for their customers. Switching from traditional languages and methods to advanced verification methodologies like testbench automation (constrained-random test case generation/metric-driven verification) as well as assertion-based verification (formal and simulation based) lead to a leap in productivity, quality, and ultimately customer satisfaction.

Relevant System Offerings:
  • Metric-driven verification (MDV) of complex system solutions (e.g., 3G radio base stations using Cadence Incisive Specman testbench technology and Incisive Enterprise Manager/Planner)
  • Incisive Software Extensions FPGA adapter for MDV of embedded software running on an Altera FPGA
  • Training/consulting on using Cadence C-to-Silicon Compiler to perform high-level synthesis (HLS) for FPGAs
  • Training/consulting on applying MDV to FPGA designs
Joint Solution
Over the years, El Camino has taken metric-driven verification (MDV) from RTL code all the way up to the software, board, and system levels. Close collaboration among Cadence, El Camino, and mutual customers has made it possible to greatly enhance verification quality and efficiency by taking MDV to these higher abstraction levels. Today, the experience of El Camino in applying MDV to 3G radio base stations, a system complexity far beyond the SoC design world, is unique in the industry. As a verification expert, El Camino is an ideal partner when it comes to deploying advanced system tools and methodologies from Cadence, such as:
  • Incisive Specman testbench technology and Incisive Enterprise Manager
  • Incisive Software Extensions (FPGA adapter IP and embedded software verification)
  • C-to-Silicon Compiler (extensive FPGA/prototyping know-how and FPGA-specific C-to-Silicon Compiler training/consulting)
Additional solution information:White paper

“Today, metric-driven verification is a well-established methodology in hardware design. Here at El Camino, we’re excited to work with Cadence, taking MDV a major step ahead into the realm of software development and application-driven system verification,” said Ernst Zwingenberger, Head of El Camino’s Verification Group. “We are fully convinced that moving from the hardware-first approach toward an application-driven System Realization approach is the right way to go.”

Contact Information
Ernst Zwingenberger, Head of Verification Group
Landshuter Str. 1
84048 Mainburg