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Duolog Technologies

Company Description
Duolog Technologies is a pioneering developer of EDA tools for rapid and error-free integration of SoC, ASIC and FPGA designs. Duolog’s Socrates integration platform is a correct-by-construction environment for IP, subsystem and system-level integration. Socrates supports current and emerging standards such as IP-XACT, and UVM, and auto-generates synchronized views for ESL, hardware, verification and software teams. Socrates enables earlier software development and delivers major benefits to Duolog’s customers by eliminating the misalignment bugs that typically plague HW/SW integration, shrinking design cycles and greatly enhancing inter-team communications. With Socrates, all domain views are kept in sync, including software, virtual modeling, design, verification and documentation.

Joint Solution
Cadence and Duolog are collaborating to develop reference flows for virtual prototype and UVM code generation and assembly.

Duolog has extended its flexible Socrates environment to seamlessly interface with Cadence verification products. The Socrates tool suite offers a complete solution for IP packaging, IP integration and system assembly that fully supports the IEEE 1685 (IP-XACT) standard. Socrates enables earlier prototyping and emulation of software and system performance, greatly accelerating the system design cycle. Using a unique rules-based approach to integration, Socrates automates significant portions of the chip integration flow, giving robust hardware builds in a fraction of the time. Metadata captured in Socrates is used to auto-generate not just the standard UVM register and memory-map information, but a full UVM verification environment. SystemC representations of the same system can also be generated to support TLM-based virtual prototyping.

These unique capabilities enable our mutual customers to concentrate their valuable time and resources on system design and validation, rather than the development, debug and maintenance of design and verification environments at multiple levels of abstraction.

“The System Realization Alliance is an excellent initiative to foster innovation in the EDA and IP industries,” said David Murray, Duolog CTO. “We are delighted to be part of this initiative and to have the opportunity to harness the power of our Socrates platform and crucial industry standards to give our customers more productive, interoperable and scalable solutions for their SoC development flows.”

Duolog Technologies provides a suite of industry-proven SoC integration tools that enable rapid, robust and repeatable system assembly. The Socrates integration platform offers a correct-by-construction approach to IP standardization, system integration and flow automation that will transform the quality and efficiency of your SoC designs. Socrates applications include:

BITWISE: An industry-leading register management tool that captures IP or system registers, memories and memory-maps and auto-generates a vast array of design collateral including hardware, software and verification code and documentation.

WEAVER: A truly revolutionary tool for connectivity automation. Weaver’s unique rules-based connectivity engine is the fastest and most intuitive way to create and maintain design and verification infrastructures.

SPINNER: A powerful tool for specifying and auto-generating the chip I/O layer. Spinner specifies all logic between the chip core and the package, including functional and test multiplexing, DFT functions, power isolation and boundary scan chains.

Contact Information
Sally Kenny
The Concourse Building (5th Floor)
Beacon Court, Sandyford
Dublin 18, Ireland
+353 91 730 879