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Community Outreach Retool Training Program 

Frequently Asked Questions

Retool-to-Work: What is it?
The Cadence® Retool-to-Work program is a community outreach program designed to provide training in computer-aided design (CAD) and electronic design automation (EDA) software tools to qualifying electrical engineers and other candidates who meet Retool program specifications.

Who is a qualified candidate?
The Retool-to-Work program is offered to qualified candidates who need to update their design skills. Candidates might be displaced engineers seeking re-employment, or those re-entering the work force, such as stay-at-home parents seeking to brush-up on their skills.

As a rule of thumb, candidates usually have Bachelor of Science or Master of Science degrees in Electrical Engineering, or they have had about five years of hands-on design experience in the industry.

How does a candidate qualify?
Retool candidates eager to join the program will need to supply an up-to-date resume to Within 48 hours, a Cadence representative will contact the individual and work with the student to determine their tool needs. After a course has been chosen, the resume is sent off for instructor approval. The candidate will also be asked to sign a standard legal document verifying employment background, experience, and personal information. Final acceptance into a Retool class is at the Cadence training instructor’s discretion.

What does a typical candidate look like?
Candidates for the Retool-to-Work program will fall into one of three categories: Analog/Mixed-Signal Design, Digital Design (ASIC, PIC), or High-Speed Signal Integrity Design.

Analog/Mixed-Signal Designers
  • Familiar with some of the following circuits: voltage/current source, switched capacitor filters, switch-mode power supplies, Op-amps, PLLs, transmission lines, impedance, propagation delay, ringing, reflections, crosstalk, and device physics
  • Familiar with oscilloscopes, multimeters, and spectrum analyzers
  • Have built breadboards in a lab, possibly with experience in SPICE simulation
Digital Designers
  • Five years of digital design experience
  • Familiar with synchronous/asynchronous board design using microprocessors, buffers, latches, flip-flops, programmable devices, gate arrays, and PLLs
  • Have designed and built breadboards; debugged them using test equipment like programmable waveform generators and logic/timing analyzers
High-Speed Signal Integrity Engineers
  • Experience with signal integrity analysis of high-speed digital PCBs for reflections and crosstalk
  • Familiar with things like transmission lines, impedance, propagation delay, ringing, reflections, and crosstalk
  • Have worked with design and layout engineers to solve high-speed layout-related problems
Where do these courses take place?
Retool courses take place at all Cadence training centers. We also offer seats in our Virtual Instructor-led courses to qualified Retool candidates. To locate a facility nearest to you and to view course schedules, please visit our customer website:

When are the courses available?
Although courses are offered year-round at all our Cadence training facilities, Retool-to-Work courses are dependent on customer enrollment numbers. If a class is full with paying customers, the Retool student is waitlisted in the next available class.

What does it mean to be waitlisted?
All non-paying students, such as Retool candidates, will be put on a waitlist until customer seats have been satisfied. Students are removed from the waitlist and notified two weeks prior to the course start date once the class is flagged as a “GO.” Should the customer class sell out, the candidate will be notified and moved to the next available time frame.

What courses are offered?
All courses, whether taught live at Cadence facilities or Virtual Instructor-led, are offered on a seat-availability basis to qualified candidates. A complete course catalog, including syllabuses and schedules, is available on the Cadence website:

How many Retool students are allowed in each class?
We will accept two Retool students per class. Each student may attend two courses as part of this program. In special circumstances, a third course may be added and will be determined by the program coordinator.

Classroom etiquette
Classroom etiquette has become an essential part of today’s classroom. Please be considerate of your classmates and ask your instructor questions that only pertain to the class. All classes are geared to run for a determined length of time, so please remember it is important to not monopolize the instructor’s time.

Retool success stories
In an ongoing effort to make this community outreach program highly successful, individuals who have completed the Retool program will be contacted to discuss the program. Should a candidate become employed due to completing a Cadence Retool class, then we ask for a brief summary in the form of a “Success Story.”

This sounds great. How do I apply?
Call training coordination at 800-787-2460 or send an email to