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EMEA Training Course Detail 

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Course TitleMaskCompose Automated Reticle Design Synthesis v4.1
Course CategoryManufacturability
Duration5 Days
Course IDES_84444_4.1
Product Version4.1

Course Description

In this course, you learn to use MaskCompose Automated Reticle Design Synthesis for generating a frame, preparing a fracture, and creating jobdecks. You also prepare order forms, create customized documentation, and generate a shot map.

Learning Objectives

After completing this course, you will be able to:

o       Define a flow and process

o       Build a reticle layout

o       Set up and produce reticle layout documentation

o       Generate a wafer layout

o       Use techniques that accelerate the design-to-manufacturing process

Software Used in This Course

o       MaskCompose Definition Module

o       MaskCompose Fracture Prep/Jobdeck Module

o       MaskCompose Implementation Module

o       MaskCompose OASIS Option

o       MaskCompose Paperwork Module

o       MaskCompose SemiP10 Option

o       MaskCompose Wafer Module

Software Release(s)

o       KMC41, KQV51, KCL44)

Course Agenda

Note that this course can be tailored to better meet your needscontact the Cadence training staff for specifics.

Day 1

o       Introduction

o       Tools

o       Environment

o       Execution

o       Terminology

o       Defining reticle floorplans

Day 2

o       Defining reticle floorplans (continued)

o       Building reticles

o       Setting up and fracturing data

o       Generating job decks

Day 3

o       Preparing automated reports and documents for

·        Mask shop

·        Fabrication

·        Archival

·        Custom applications

o       Building multiproject reticles

o       Using the visual debugger

Days 4-5

o       Wafer floor planning

o       Adding barcodes and revision blocks

o       Creating edge seals


o       IC_Designers

o       Layout_Designers

o       IC_Reticle/Wafer_Designers


o       Experience with mask preparation process requirements.