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Virtual Classroom (Live Instructor Led training) 

Keeping your design skills up to date requires continually learning and exploring the latest tools, techniques, and methodologies. However, it can be hard to fit training and travel time into busy project schedules. Cadence offers Virtual Classroom training as a flexible and cost-effective alternative to site-based training.

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What is a Virtual Classroom?

Virtual Classroom is a web-based environment that allows you to participate in live training events without the need to travel. You listen to lectures, participate in lab exercises, ask questions, and receive feedback just as you would do in a conventional classroom—except you do it from the convenience of your desktop, or anywhere you have an Internet and phone connection. It saves the hassle, expense, and travel time to a training site.

Why choose Virtual Classroom training?

Enrolling in the Virtual Classroom training is a very cost-effective way to improve your productivity by learning the very latest about Cadence tools. Virtual Classroom also enables efficient multi-site training because team members spread across geographic regions can collaborate on the same tools simultaneously. Virtual classes consist of multiple four-hour sessions spread over several days, leaving the rest of each day free for you to concentrate on your design projects.

"Virtual training is a necessity in today's working environment. Cadence Virtual Training allows for teams located across the globe to take the same class simultaneously without the cost or burden of traveling. More employees have the opportunity to take a variety of classes and the convenience of flexible class times. They still benefit from student-teacher interaction, as well as interaction among the students. IBM operates in a globally integrated environment that demands this kind of virtual education."

Susan Benysh, Ph.D., PMP®
IBM Corporation
Rochester, Minnesota, USA

Virtual Classes
Allegro PCB Librarian Virtual Class
This video introduces the students to the Virtual Class format, and provides a brief overview of what is covered in the Allergro PCB Librarian course.

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