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Design Challenges 

From ICs to electronic systems, designs are subject to increasing complexity and manufacturing challenges. Such issues can result in a commmon solution being created by both engineers and designers throughout the industry. Use the links below to learn more about identified topics.

Silicon-Package-Board Co-Design Digital IC Design Functional Verification Custom IC Design
Manage your entire design process in a single design environment.
Collaborative work environment for library and design data management.

Manage your High-Speed PCB Design Requirements
Multi-Giga Hertz High Data Rate Design

Enable your Silicon and Package Co-Design Flow
Silicon and Package Co-Design

Manage Intellectual Property of Your PCB Design
Implementing a Design Reuse Methodology
Check the equivalence of your RTL and design netlists from Synthesis through Place-and-Route.

Manage your Nanometer design requirements

Implementing a Nanometer Design

Manage the synthesis and timing closure requirements of your large-scale designs.
Working with Mixed Languages

Accelerate tape out using more bit crunching power

Finding design bugs faster using violations Assertion based verification

Managing and validating tape out schedule using Coverage technology

Creating smarter and better
Create and verify your mixed-signal design
The Mixed-Signal Simulation Challenge

Integrate your custom design flow
The Physical Design Challenges