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NA Training Course Detail 

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Delivery MethodVersionDatesLocationsLengthCost 
Online Subscription Available 24 hours, 7 days a week.Online2912.00Register »
OnlineIC6.1.6Available 24 hours, 7 days a week.Online  2457.00Register »
Instructor LedIC6.1.6Scheduled upon demand 24  Hrs3276.00Express Interest »

Course ID:  ES_84401_IC6.1.6

Course Description

This course focuses on the lexical scoping and object-oriented extensions to the SKILL language known as the SKILL++ language. You will learn to apply procedural interfaces and object-oriented methodologies to create hybrid SKILL and SKILL++ applications

Learning Objectives

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Apply advanced capabilities of SKILL and SKILL++
  • Write less code and simpler code and create fewer bugs
  • Create simple macros and experiment with more complex ones
  • Develop SKILL++ programs using lexical scoping
  • Develop SKILL++ programs using the SKILL++ Object System

Software Used in This Course

  • Virtuoso Design Environment
  • SKILL executable
  • SKILL development environment

Software Release(s)

  • IC 6.1.6

Course Agenda

Note that this course can be tailored to better meet your needscontact the Cadence training staff for specifics.

Day 1

  • Introduction
  • Classes and Inheritance
  • Function Parameters
  • Scoping and Closures
  • Destructuring

Day 2

  • Methods (Primary)
  • Macros Intro
  • Generalized Places
  • Local Functions
  • Indirect Function Calls
  • Methods (Intermediate)

Day 3

  • Object Initialization
  • Multiple Inheritance
  • Methods (Advacnced)
  • Macro Styles
  • Control Flow (optional)
  • Assert (optional)


Experienced SKILL programmers who want to develop or maintain complex SKILL applications by using modern software engineering techniques to modularize program code.


You must have experience with or knowledge of the following:

  • At least six months of project-related experience with SKILL programming

Or you must have completed one or more of the following courses:

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