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  • Subcircuit Newbie question

    I am having a problem implementing a subcircuit. Everytime I run the simulation I get the following warning: "WARNING [NET0093] No PSpiceTemplate for TRANSORB, ignoring" The subcircuit I would like to implement is a circuit for a transorb that I found here:
    Posted to PCB Design (Forum) by ACENGR on Wed, Feb 10 2010
  • How to identify version of simulator?

    Guys, In IC ver 610 , how to identify the version of simulator installed? and also list of simulators available? Please propose some easy way since I'm beginner in this software. Thank you very much. regards, M.Kumar
    Posted to Custom IC Design (Forum) by KumarMK on Wed, Feb 10 2010
  • Re: How to generate warning messages for transient analysis?

    Hi Andrew, Thank you very much. You are right it's the same in IC5141. I set "checklimitdest" parameter to "both" and now I can see the warning messages in log file. Regards, Anna
    Posted to Custom IC Design (Forum) by AnnaS on Tue, Dec 15 2009
  • Re: How to generate warning messages for transient analysis?

    Hi Marc, I generated warning messages. It works when I use level=error in netlist - however it does not work at all if level=warning. Could it be ICFB issue ? I use version: 5.10.41_USR5.90.69 . Here is an example: 1. Warning message ******************************************************************...
    Posted to Custom IC Design (Forum) by AnnaS on Tue, Dec 15 2009
  • How to generate warning messages for transient analysis?

    Hi All, It's will be great if someone can help me to generate warning messages in transient analysis for transistor devices when a voltage reaches above a certain threshold on the gate. I don't know how can I generate these massages neither from gui nor from ocean script. Thanks in advance. Regards...
    Posted to Custom IC Design (Forum) by AnnaS on Sun, Dec 13 2009
  • Combining Formal Analysis and Simulation Provides New Capabilities

    In the early days of formal verification technology, some advocates thought it would replace block-level simulation. While this works for certain types of blocks, nowadays we see formal analysis technology as a complement to simulation that has some strengths – such as an ability to quickly find...
    Posted to Industry Insights (Weblog) by rgoering on Thu, Oct 8 2009
  • forking ocean scripts?

    I'm trying to figure out amethod to fork a simulation from ICFB. Currently, I'm creating an ocean script that sets up the simulation in ICFB, and then spawns off an ocean session that then runs the simulation. I'm doing this to keep the simulation from hanging the ICFB session while running...
    Posted to Custom IC Design (Forum) by markbeck on Tue, Sep 22 2009
  • Re: Problem with spectremdl.

    Hi Andrew, Thank you for advise. I have tried with versions: MMSIM7101_37E, MMSIM7101_66E, MMSIM7202 but problem still appears. Here is the log from: 1. MMSIM7101_37E: [1]+ Aborted (core dumped) ${APPBINPATH}/${PROGRAM} "$@" 0<&3 2. MMSIM7101_66E, MMSIM7202 spectremdl: Command not found...
    Posted to Custom IC Design (Forum) by AnnaS on Wed, Sep 16 2009
  • Problem with spectremdl.

    Hi All, I am facing some problem using this command: spectremdl -batch Netlist.mdl -design nmos_test.scs The error log is: .../linux/mmsim6.0.ISR26/tools.lnx86/bin/spectre: line 171: 2013 Segmentation fault (coredumped) .../linux/mmsim6.0.ISR26/tools.lnx86/spectre/bin/spectre =mdl Netlist.mdl nmos_test...
    Posted to Custom IC Design (Forum) by AnnaS on Wed, Sep 16 2009
  • Problem with Simulating Design using Spectre

    I have created a schematic using Virtuoso 6. When I open the ADE, it says "(deLicense-7) Could not get a license for ADE L. Would you like to try to get a higher-tiered license to run this product?" When I click on Yes, it starts the ADE, but when I set up the analysis and click on "Netlist...
    Posted to Custom IC Design (Forum) by govilv on Thu, Jun 4 2009
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