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  • Impedance measurement

    Sir/Madam, I have been designing a Differential drive rectiifer for UHF passive RFID in 130nm CMOS process. As the design of rectifier completes I got stuck with the impedance measurement, i.e. for finding input impedance of rectifier using Cadence Virtuoso. As it is a non-linear circuit which simulation...
    Posted to RF Design (Forum) by Jithin on Mon, May 12 2014
  • Monte carlo analysis

    sir i am ,, using IC 5.10.40 in cadence , ,, I want to make monte carlo analysis for my circuit , but my seniors here are telling that monte carlo is not working here in the version ,, how can i check that ?.. i am just beginer , please reply ,,
    Posted to RF Design (Forum) by rakesh reddy on Thu, Mar 20 2014
  • (IC6.1.5.500.12) ADE L messing up sim results(result access). Anyone familiar with that?

    Dear All, I've done extensive searching on forum for this, in vain. However, I am sure that someone else came across this, and maybe my search keywords weren't appropriate. If you know of thread relating to this, please point me to it. From time to time I get the those symptoms (they might all...
    Posted to RF Design (Forum) by ChrisXB on Fri, Jul 19 2013
  • Does anyone ever meet this error in your simulation?

    Hi all, My transition simulation is from 0 to 2us, but a error occurs in the 1.5 us as "spectre - 7031 SST2 error invalid control value". Anyone can help? Thanks a lot~~~
    Posted to RF Design (Forum) by Henrytqy on Thu, Nov 15 2012
  • A tran simulation problem of RLC resonated network.

    Hi everyone, A RLC resonant network is as Figure 1, seen at my post below. L=1uH, C=1uF, R=100kOhms. Source generates a sine wave signal. The source signal's frequency is 159.155kHz and its amplitude is 10V. 1. Theoretical analysis. The resonant frequency of LC network is about 159.155kHz. Under...
    Posted to RF Design (Forum) by xxgenerall on Tue, Jul 10 2012
  • PSS Analysis's reliability-Difference between time domain response in PSS and Tran analysis

    I'm designing a wide band matching network to drive an antenna.The output pulse at the output of pulse generator is delivered to one N1PORT as the antenna model thet refered to a S1P file with value from 1GHz to 8GHz. I want to use this interface between antenna(S1P port with n1port component) and...
    Posted to RF Design (Forum) by Imank on Thu, Apr 12 2012
  • Regd. Transient Analysis : save and restore

    Hi Its regarding the transient analysis that I am struck with and the issue is as follows : I am trying to simulate a 60+GHz oscillator, its simulating fine but there is a phase shift of oscillations for each successive simulation, though I am forcing initial conditions on few nodes. I would like to...
    Posted to RF Design (Forum) by rsrk on Tue, Nov 15 2011
  • Exporting .gds file from cadence

    Hi All I want to export .gds file from cadence 6.1 and import it to HFSS 10 and do some simulations. Just to make sure my gds file is ok I did import it back to cadence and I do see the same layout. But when I import the same gds file in HFSS 10,I dont see anything. I am not sure what is the problem...
    Posted to RF Design (Forum) by nadroit on Thu, Jul 28 2011
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