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  • Dynamic Shape out of date, but not accessible.

    Hi All, I'm almost finished with my very first board layout using Allegro PCB editor 16.6 (latest hotfix June 2014), and I'm trying to generate the artwork so I can check over it and make sure it's good to send out to manufacturing. I'm having a problem when I try to create the artwork...
    Posted to PCB Design (Forum) by mwaskett on Tue, Jul 8 2014
  • Package Keepin & Route Keepin subclass fillet or compose

    Hi, I want to compose - or fillet - Package & Route Keepin subclasses. I activate them using shape->select Shape or Void/Cavity and then try composing them using shape->Compose Shape . But it doesn't work. Below are messages I see in command: Processing the selected segments. For a large...
    Posted to PCB Design (Forum) by Hossein1357 on Mon, Jun 16 2014
  • Out-of-Date Shape Update Problem

    I have designed a board and finally poured dynamic copper on top and bottom. the board is 4 layer board with top-gnd-vcc-bottom stackup and gnd pours are there on both top and bottom. the problem is that when i tried to generate artwork, it said "update out dated shape" when i clicked on the...
    Posted to PCB Design (Forum) by Dileep Kumar on Thu, Feb 13 2014
  • Static shapes not displaying solid.

    I have a couple of shapes used for edge protections etc which are static shapes to ensure that tracks do not destroy the protection provided. But when I try to see them onscreen, the filled area is a mesh of dots instead of a solid area. If I switch it to a dynamic shape, the display shows a solid area...
    Posted to PCB Design (Forum) by tmd63 on Fri, Mar 1 2013
  • Layout to PCB Editor library translate error

    Hi When attempting to translate a catalog of library symbols in a max file to a brd file, i get this message on many parts: WARNING ERROR(SPMHDB-204): All SHAPE outline segments must have equal width. Can't create shape/polygon. iges id 890. Continuing. Allegro iges id 890 is the Layout Obstacle...
    Posted to PCB Design (Forum) by bweicher on Wed, Oct 17 2012
  • PCB Editor 16.3 problems with etch connectivity/anti-etch

    I'm using Allegro PCB Editor 16.3, kind of new to it but I have plenty of experience using OrCAD Layout. I.e., I know what I want to do, but not how to do it in PCB Editor. I'd like some help with the following problems, one or (preferably) more of them: The symbol editor: How do I make an copper...
    Posted to PCB Design (Forum) by AFCad on Sat, Jun 2 2012
  • How to add a company logo or a marking seregraphy with "Allegro PCB Design"

    Hi, how to add a company logo, a picture, or a marking seregraphy in PCB board with "Allegro PCB Design", see exemple in attached image: Best regards, Haithem.
    Posted to PCB Design (Forum) by HaithemEmbedde on Mon, May 28 2012
  • Difference Between Add--Circle menu and Shape--Circular menu when creating PCB Symbol (Allegro 16.5)

    Sorry for the newbie question but I have created a SSOP8 PCB symbol in the Allegro PCB editor (16.5) and I would like to add a small circle to the silkscreen to indicate which pin is pin 1. Now should I do this by going to the Add menu and then clicking Circle or should I do it by clicking Shape and...
    Posted to PCB Design (Forum) by seaseng on Mon, Feb 6 2012
  • Plane creation in Orcad Layout V16.5

    I have a very odd shaped PCB outline and wish to make planes for it. Somewhere in my background I remember the ability to create a shape the same shape of the outline using the menus and being able to reduce the shape to be 50mil smallerthan the outline. Does anyone remember this ability in Allegro....
    Posted to PCB Design (Forum) by alanf on Thu, Jan 26 2012
  • [Solved] Allegro PCB Editor 16.3: Modifying Shapes

    Hello, Does anyone know if there is a way to modify the coordinates of an already placed shape in Allegro? For example, changing the coordinates that define a rectangle. The most I've been able to find is right clicking the selected shape and clicking "Show Element". This brings up a text...
    Posted to PCB Design (Forum) by ScottG on Thu, Apr 7 2011
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