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methodology,Logic Design

  • 8 Users Compare RTL Compiler (RC) vs. Design Compiler (DC) on DeepChip.com

    It was refreshing to see what happened when John Cooley made his latest request for reader feedback on his popular DeepChip website catering to the semiconductor design community. A request had come in from a previous DeepChip post prior to the Design Automation Conference (DAC) as follows: Are there...
    Posted to Logic Design (Weblog) by David Stratman on Mon, Jun 20 2011
  • My Wish List For The New Decade

    Okay, it's the holiday season and end of the year, so I'll combine it all and make a wish list for the new year (as it relates to chip design). Heck, it's the end of the decade - so why not make a wish list for the new decade? A decade is a long time in our industry. This year, my 7-year...
    Posted to Logic Design (Weblog) by Jack Erickson on Tue, Dec 29 2009
  • How to Pick a Synthesis Tool - The Right One for You - Part 2

    By Kenneth Chang, Core Comp AE, Team FED . In my previous blog , I had written about how "Synthesis matters." Snippet below. <snip> I had a boss that once said that all synthesis tools are same. This guy knew his stuff, been in the industry forever. He said "synthesizing with Tool...
    Posted to Logic Design (Weblog) by Team FED on Tue, Jul 7 2009
  • Why Your Project Should Not Follow the Fate of the Mars Orbiter - Part I

    By Diego Hammerschlag Sr. Technical Leader Team FED The “Orbiter” was a spacecraft on a mission to study the planet Mars. Unfortunately, Lockheed Martin and NASA had a mix up using Imperial units (pounds, miles, etc.) and Metric units (kilometers, kilograms, etc.) Bad things happen to spacecraft...
    Posted to Logic Design (Weblog) by Team FED on Mon, May 25 2009
  • Friday Fun: Sabotage!

    In last week's episode , we saw the Dante Semi team finally adopting modern chip design techniques, and as a result things were finally going well for them. But then some strange things started to happen. At first they thought there were bugs in their new software, but in this week's episode...
    Posted to Logic Design (Weblog) by Jack Erickson on Fri, May 22 2009
  • Friday Fun: Dante Semi Adopting Modern Chip Design Techniques

    In this week's episode the team gets down to business, finally adopting modern chip design tools. All seems to be going really well, but then some strange things start to happen to the design. Good thing their new verification flow is able to catch them. But why are they happening? Click here if...
    Posted to Logic Design (Weblog) by Jack Erickson on Fri, May 15 2009
  • Friday Fun: Bring Out Your Dead!

    You can tell the actors had a lot of fun filming this week's episode (for previous episodes click here ). Given where the project stood, the design team apparently needed to blow off some steam before they took on switching to a modern methodology. And even under pressure, Alice is able to articulate...
    Posted to Logic Design (Weblog) by Jack Erickson on Fri, May 1 2009
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