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  • export output wave from skill after a sim is done?

    Once a simulation is done (ADE/XL) I can go to the result tab, select a wave, plot it, then right click on it in the viewer Send To -> Export, enter a file name... Great for one 1 split. But suppose I need to do that with 600 splits, this is going to take a while. So basic question, are the output...
    Posted to Custom IC SKILL (Forum) by mjskier on Thu, Jun 19 2014
  • CallBack not working for 'hiCreateStringField'

    Hi, I am trying to create a GUI which is similar in structure to that of cdlOut GUI. I added a 'Button' widget to invoke the callback to a string field which i created. I want to make even the manual updation of the field possible and It needs to update some other fields through 'modifycallback'...
    Posted to Custom IC SKILL (Forum) by Mani1989 on Sun, May 18 2014
  • SKILL WARNING while closing a dbox: hiWidgetExtention is missing !

    dbox details: procedure(hrtOPProgBar() hrtGlbStopResize = 'unbound hiDisplayProgressBox( ?name 'hrtOPProgBar ?banner "Building OP database" ?text " Retrieving OP data , Please wait..." ?callback "hrtGlbStopResize=t hiCancelProgressBox('hrtOPProgBar)" ?totalSteps...
    Posted to Custom IC SKILL (Forum) by Giora Karni on Tue, Apr 9 2013
  • How to trigger the event to use the callback?

    Hi, I have a question. I wrote a skill procedure to create res pcell and cdf for instance. when I change the w, l and res value, the callback will be trigger and calculation the correct value and return the value to the property list. But when I use "q" to show the "Edit Object Properties"...
    Posted to Custom IC SKILL (Forum) by loosin on Sun, Jul 24 2011
  • editable condition of CDF parameters (for Layout Pcells)

    Hi All , I would like to insert editable condition on CDF parameter of Layout Pcells but i don't know the exact syntax and procedure to call . Has someone an idea about this mistake ? Thanks in advance . djeto38
    Posted to Custom IC SKILL (Forum) by djeto38 on Wed, Feb 9 2011
  • Help on using ddsFileBrowseCB

    Hi, I was exploring the code below to add file browse option, which I got from a solution here in this forum. procedure( fileBrowser() let( ( field browseBtn ) field = hiCreateStringField( ?name 'filename) browseBtn = hiCreateFormButton( ?name 'browseBtn ?buttonText "Browse..." ?callback...
    Posted to Custom IC SKILL (Forum) by LeJonT on Sun, Jun 6 2010
  • Skill for new menu item in ICFB window

    Hi All, I am new to SKILL and I would like to write a code to add a new item in the menu bar for ICFB. I would like to make links to other programs under this menu item. Thanks in advance! Vijay
    Posted to Custom IC SKILL (Forum) by Vijay Srinivas on Fri, Mar 19 2010
  • Optimal (fast) callback for pcells

    What is the optimal (fast) callback procedure for pcells? For example, I have a pcell that draws a shape that has a resistance. The value of the resistance is calculated inside pcell. I need to know the resistance of the instance, for example, to create another resistorwith a predefined total resistance...
    Posted to Custom IC SKILL (Forum) by Vasili on Wed, Sep 2 2009
  • Re: Update P-Cell calculations

    Hi Rodney, There is a solution for this on the Cadence online support website: Solution 11018344 Hopefully this answers your question completely. Best regards, Lawrence.
    Posted to Custom IC SKILL (Forum) by skillUser on Mon, Aug 24 2009
  • How to finish enter functions before form closed?

    I create a form with a button on it. And this button has a callback procedure which invokes enterPoint(). I close my form when enterPoint() is still waiting for responding. An error message about "ilGetString" then appears. How can I finish my button callback before form closed? Any suggestion...
    Posted to Custom IC SKILL (Forum) by sparksu on Wed, Jul 15 2009
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