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  • Miniaturization Through Embedded Packaged Components

    As consumers we are very familiar with product miniaturization trends. We demand more functionality in smaller sizes that have longer battery life all the time. The electronics market has been delivering to those customer expectations not just in consumer electronics marketplace, but in all market segments...
    Posted to PCB Design (Weblog) by hemant on Tue, May 10 2011
  • Can the Insert Image be set to higher resolution?

    When we insert an image (.jpg, usually) into the schematic, (Allegro Design Entry HDL 16.3), it inserts it at a resolution of 72 DPI, which is very low by today's standards. Is there a way to improve this resolution? We like to insert block diagrams and similar things, but the text is often almost...
    Posted to PCB Design (Forum) by DaleinAZ on Thu, Apr 28 2011
  • EDA360 Beyond the Chip – Package, Board, and Product Creation

    The EDA360 vision , articulated by Cadence one year ago this week, calls for an expanded view of EDA that supports complete hardware/software systems ready for applications deployment. Most of the discussion during the first year focused on silicon and embedded software. A Cadence Allegro 16.5 announcement...
    Posted to Industry Insights (Weblog) by rgoering on Mon, Apr 25 2011
  • Allegro .brd file to Orcad Layout/Capture

    I am currently using OrCAD Capture to modify a previous motherboard design by modifying the .DSN file. When I try to create a new file in Layout, it gives me multiple errors regarding missing footprints. I have some DXF and GBR files for the previous board and the .BRD file. Is there a way to extract...
    Posted to PCB Design (Forum) by Lagila on Fri, Apr 22 2011
  • Replace Obsolete Symbols

    I have a make-from design that includes obsolete symbols no longer included in my library. I would like to replace these symbols with a new footprint available from the library without losing any of the connections. How do you update obsolete symbols in a design? Any tricks?
    Posted to PCB Design (Forum) by lpsd on Thu, Apr 21 2011
  • What's Good About Allegro PCB Editor Flipping and Origins? Look to SPB16.3 and See!

    There are a couple quick new SPB16.3 Allegro PCB Editor features to mention this week. Flip Design Viewing a layout from the bottom side is now available through the flipdesign (View — Flip Design) command or flip icon . The design is flipped about the Y axis. A true bottom side view from a CAD...
    Posted to PCB Design (Weblog) by Jerry GenPart on Tue, Apr 19 2011
  • PCB: Properties attached to a component instance

    Hello, In my Allegro PCB I have a property attached to the component instance, and I would like to extract it using a skill script but how ? Is there any body having this issue? Thanks for your help Thierry
    Posted to PCB SKILL (Forum) by Thierry22 on Thu, Apr 7 2011
  • How to convert a board into a symbol

    Does anybody know how to create a symbol from a simple board file? Let's say I have a board with a bunch of components on it, plus two connectors. These connectors are board-to-board stackable connectors. I want an easy way to position the connectors on my motherboard. So, I take a copy of this board...
    Posted to PCB Design (Forum) by Allan M on Tue, Mar 29 2011
  • What's Good About PCB PI Discontinuity Modeling? See For Yourself in SPB16.3!

    The current Allegro PCB Power Integrity (PI) tool is fast, but not accurate enough in the high frequency band due to the effect of discontinuities. This feature uses a discontinuity model in the PI analysis. With discontinuity model integration, PI analysis is more accurate and allows you to control...
    Posted to PCB Design (Weblog) by Jerry GenPart on Tue, Mar 29 2011
  • What's Good About Allegro PCB Editor 3D Viewing? Oh My – Check Out SPB16.3!

    The SPB16.3 Allegro PCB Editor has a new 3D Viewer! Viewing a 3D rendering of the Allegro design is now available with the 3d_viewer (View — 3D View) command. The 3D Viewer is invoked in a separate window which includes viewing filters; choice of solid, wire frame or transparent graphics; and controls...
    Posted to PCB Design (Weblog) by Jerry GenPart on Tue, Mar 22 2011
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