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Specman e

  • vr_ad_file multiple instance

    Hello All, I have a situation where i want to implement 8 instance of some particular reg_file which all have many reg_def and reg_fld. For example : I have 8 instance of one DUT module (TEST0, TEST1,TEST2... TEST8), since its all are the instance so all the instance will have the sets of registers....
    Posted to Functional Verification (Forum) by Ravisinha on Wed, Sep 1 2010
  • Re: help with e *** Error: list is empty - cannot access item 0

    Have you tried stepping through the code in the debugger, to see which line triggers the error? You might need to set the list size, because you're using a "new" action here, not a "gen" action. Whilst "gen" will allocate randomly all the lists, I believe "new"...
    Posted to Functional Verification (Forum) by StephenH on Tue, Aug 31 2010
  • Re: What is the difference between E and Vera

    There is one more very important difference: the e language is an IEEE standard, with an active Working Group: http://www.eda.org/twiki/bin/view.cgi/P1647/WebHome Consequently, the e language has a healthy ecosystem of EDA tool support (including early adopter support in Synopsys' VCS), verification...
    Posted to Functional Verification (Forum) by teamspecman on Mon, May 3 2010
  • testflow phases

    Hi all , I have some issues in running the test flow phases and i am getting some unpredicted behaviour ,please provide me with some debugging construct in testflow as i am unaware how to use it please provide me with some example. thanks and regards, selv
    Posted to Functional Verification (Forum) by specmane on Thu, Feb 25 2010
  • Breakpoint in Version 6.2

    Hello All, Currently i am using specman version 6.2, in this version what i have noticed is when i am trying to put a breakpoint inside the TCM or Method specman giving an warning saying that "Breakpoints can be put only in TCM or Method definition". That means now i am able to put breakpoint...
    Posted to Functional Verification (Forum) by Ravisinha on Thu, Nov 26 2009
  • Re: Wait for a specific delay

    I'd add a small word of warning to this topic: asking for a "wait delay" does have a performance impact, because a callback has to be registered for the delay. If you only call the delay fairly infrequently it should not be a problem, but if you call wait delay too often (e.g. on every...
    Posted to Functional Verification (Forum) by StephenH on Mon, Oct 26 2009
  • Re: referring to an enumerated type value from another e package

    Hi Avidan. I've not come across this requirement before! It looks like perhaps the parser is treating the package qualifier "pkg1::" as less tightly bound than the enum tag 'A. I guess a quick and dirty workaround is to use an intermediate variable of the right type: < ' package...
    Posted to Functional Verification (Forum) by StephenH on Tue, Oct 20 2009
  • Re: compile elaborate and simulate on older specman & ncsim version

    Hi Eyal. I really wouldn't recommend starting a new project in these older versions because if you hit any problems with the tools, you'd be forced to upgrade to one of the supported versions for any fixes etc anyway, and that could be more painful mid-project than now. Anyway, I'm not going...
    Posted to Functional Verification (Forum) by StephenH on Wed, Oct 7 2009
  • Re: Unresolved adater ERR_DID_NOT_FIND_ADAPTER

    Hi. There are a number of things that might be wrong here. I'll ask the most obvious ones here, but if you don't want to go into the gory details of your testbench in public, you might want to open a service request via http://sourcelink.cadence.com/ (this should normally get you a quicker response...
    Posted to Functional Verification (Forum) by StephenH on Fri, Sep 4 2009
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