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  • Customer Support Recommended – Pin Swapping in Allegro Design Entry CIS and PCB Editor

    Placement and routing have always been an integral part of printed circuit board design. The productivity of the product is often (if not always) achieved best if the PCB has a proper placement of the components and effective routing to support the placement. With the increased complexity of the designs...
    Posted to PCB Design (Weblog) by Naveen on Wed, Jan 9 2013
  • What's Good About Cadence Online Support Product Pages? – Check Out This List!

    I wrote about the new Cadence Online Support features in one of my blog posts last year. One of our Silicon Package Board (SPB) Customer Support AEs suggested that I include the Cadence Online Support Product Page URL whenever I write about a specific product’s feature. I will be doing that --...
    Posted to PCB Design (Weblog) by Jerry GenPart on Wed, Mar 2 2011
  • move non-grid placement&via to grid

    hi all, can anyone help me out to move non-grid placement and via(already done placement and fan-out) to move to grid.Is there any option to carry out this movement or any skill?. it is difficult to move component or via one by one after picking up and give snap to grid. please give me a solution
    Posted to PCB Design (Forum) by Jeffyjames on Fri, Nov 26 2010
  • converting library footprints from protel to allegro

    Hi All, I have some basic doubt in converting library footprints from protel to allegro. Is it possible to convert ? Moreover am using allegro 15.2ver .In this there is no option to import protel board files. It has only import-->pads & pcad. Please help me with the procedure to do this if its...
    Posted to PCB Design (Forum) by Anonymous on Thu, Nov 25 2010
  • one design spanning multiple boards

    Hi. We're using Allegro PCB Design XL 16.2 to do our layouts, and I am in the process of splitting a design from one board into two boards. Is there a way to do this, and still keep things within the same .dsn file? For example, consider the following layout of an imaginary design called whatever...
    Posted to PCB Design (Forum) by mpfleger on Tue, Mar 2 2010
  • Power Issues? Manage Your IR Drop The "Advanced" Way

    Just added to the Cadence Resource Library for Allegro PCB SI is a whitepaper written by Advanced Layout Solutions. In this post, Chris Halford discusses how his company works to ensure the PCBs they design meet requirments for voltage and temperature stability. As Chris mentions, the challenge of managing...
    Posted to PCB Design (Weblog) by Maxwell86 on Tue, Aug 11 2009
  • ALLEGRO PCB SI Tutorials

    I have the full evaluation version of the PCB SI from Cadence and am currently trying to go through the tutorial. But I notice that the provided tutorial is for version 16.0 and not 16.2; as a result there are differences between what is shown on the tutorial and on my evaluation copy, e.g. there is...
    Posted to PCB Design (Forum) by Avinash Reddy on Tue, Jun 23 2009
  • Complemented training course for displaced workers?

    I learned that Mentor offers free training course for displaced (unemployed) workers, who are laid off less than 6 months. Does Cadence also offer such program for Cadence users to renew/refresh on different tools? Thanks in advance.
    Posted to PCB Design (Forum) by VTAA on Wed, Jun 17 2009
  • Obtain Mesh Ground Using EXTRACTA

    Dear Support: I am trying to obtain mesh ground by using EXTACTA. I can see the mesh ground in Allegro PCB Design, but do not know how to create the mesh ground in .nets/.xsec files. What command I should add in the command txt file? Thanks.
    Posted to PCB Design (Forum) by PCBLayout on Tue, Mar 24 2009
  • Cadence SBP 16.2 Part Developer Questions

    Hello, I have a few questions I cannot find an answer to, and maybe somebody out there can help. 1. In part developer, on a symbol, there is the symbol outline. When you select a part of the outline, then drag a vertex of the line to a different place, there is a dashed (out)line underneath. Some symbols...
    Posted to PCB Design (Forum) by BrianGK on Thu, Jan 29 2009
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