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  • triggering the done procedure for enterPoints()

    I am using an enterPoints function that does not seem to recognize use of the Enter key, or a double click (typical done trigger for enterPath) as triggers for its done procedure. How does one trigger the done procedure for enterPoints? The esc key is recognized as a cancel function. The form contains...
    Posted to Custom IC SKILL (Forum) by jaleco on Thu, Sep 12 2013
  • Re: Hierarchical copy of top cell using skill.

    Hi, Did you search in Cadence Online Support? Try this Solution Article, 11111222 . It should provide what you are looking for. regards, Lawrence.
    Posted to Custom IC SKILL (Forum) by skillUser on Wed, Sep 11 2013
  • SKILL code to print all the labels in a layout view to a file

    Hello, I am new to skill, I would like to search for all the labels in a layout and print them in a file. I dont want to traverse through the hierarchy. Is there a skill function to do that or if not can you please provide a small code snippet to do the same. Here is a small code snippet, I am trying...
    Posted to Custom IC SKILL (Forum) by vvangap on Mon, Sep 9 2013
  • SKILL for the Skilled: Visiting All Permutations

    In this posting I want to look at several ways of generating permutations of a list. The problem comes up occasionally in fault analysis as well as a few other applications. Don't generate the list It is usually a bad idea to try to generate a list of all permutations as the length of that list can...
    Posted to Custom IC Design (Weblog) by Team SKILL on Thu, Sep 5 2013
  • place bound top and bottom

    does anyone have the following skill code 1. a skill code that turns on place bound top and place bound bottom in an allegro file? 2. a skill code that specify the package height max? 3. the xy cordinate for the place bound vias. I have written a skill code that locates the place bound vias Thanks
    Posted to PCB SKILL (Forum) by Wale on Wed, Aug 28 2013
  • SKILL for the Skilled: How to Copy a Hash Table

    In this posting I want to look at ways to copy a hash table in SKILL. There are several ways you might naively try to do this, but some of these naive approaches have gotchas which you should be aware of. In the following paragraphs several inferior functions will be presented: portable_1 , copyTable_2...
    Posted to Custom IC Design (Weblog) by Team SKILL on Wed, Aug 28 2013
  • ADE/ViVA Toggle Trace Visibility Bindkey

    Hey everyone, I'm looking to bind a key to toggle trace visibility in the waveform window. Since there is none (that I know of) built-in, I spent a good deal of time with the Virtuoso ADE L Skill reference manual to try and isolate a set of commands that would work. I can set the visibility state...
    Posted to Custom IC Design (Forum) by mconte on Fri, Aug 23 2013
  • Parameters and pcells in ADE XL

    Hi all, I have a schematic pcell that generates an n-stage chain of (non-pcell) instances, each with different instance parameters. To do this, I have a pcell string parameter 'numStages' (also defined in the CDF for the cell), and something in the pcDefinePCell let block like n = atoi( numStages...
    Posted to Custom IC SKILL (Forum) by kvntien on Mon, Aug 19 2013
  • String operations in skill

    Okay so we have a list 'p' constituting of elements as pin names. p = (" GIO< 0 >" "G1E< 1 >" "GAE2< 2 >" "G3F1< 3 > ") And the task is to add the under-braces numeric value with 4 and convert this array into p = (" GIO<...
    Posted to Custom IC SKILL (Forum) by shazzy on Tue, Aug 13 2013
  • Using Skill to Select Vias not fully enclosed by metal

    Is there a way to only select vias that cross a shape boundry? I have a very large FET that has numerous Source and Drain Vias and the top level metal covering them now has to be slotted leaving a large amount of existing Vias to be manually deleted where the slots pass over them. I can generate another...
    Posted to Custom IC SKILL (Forum) by Terry S on Mon, Aug 12 2013
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