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  • Move figures to new layer in AXL skill

    In Allegro PCB editor, I want to be able to move all the currently selected clines to a different layer, like you can do in the GUI by right clicking and selecting Change to Layer. Here's what I've got so far, items = axlGetSelSet() ( foreach item items layername = axlGetParam(item->layer...
    Posted to PCB SKILL (Forum) by PherricOxide on Wed, Dec 23 2009
  • Re: Urgent : Delete hierarchy and push all Downlevel to The Top

    I am reformatting babji's link as a clickable link: Solution 11561834 "How to copy shapes on a particular layer of a given layout to new layout" Regards, Lawrence.
    Posted to Custom IC SKILL (Forum) by skillUser on Fri, Dec 18 2009
  • Re: Bindkeys

    Hi KewlCat, The difference in the encoding is "<Key>g" versus "Shift<Key>g" in the syntax within the call to hiSetBindKey() or hiSetBindKeys() , for encoding "g" and "G" respectively. I hope that this answers your question. Regards, Lawrence.
    Posted to Custom IC Design (Forum) by skillUser on Wed, Dec 16 2009
  • Re: $ sign doesn't work with ipcBeginProcess

    Hi Yaosan, Have you tried escaping the "$" by preceding it with a backslash (or perhaps two backslashes - I have not checked in this case), e.g. cmd = "perl -e '\$i=1; print \$i;'" ;; may need this instead, uncomment if the above does not work ; cmd = "perl -e '\...
    Posted to Custom IC SKILL (Forum) by skillUser on Fri, Dec 11 2009
  • SKILL mechanism to determine if CDBA or OA

    I would like to branch my pcell code based on whether the code is running inside IC6 (OA) or IC51 (CDBA). What is the preferred, or recommended way of doing this. I have thought of a few ways, but I want to use something, which will be supported for the lifetime of both platforms. ... Thanks!
    Posted to Custom IC SKILL (Forum) by TrevorB on Wed, Dec 2 2009
  • dbCreateVia() questions: justification and other examples

    I am migrating my pcells to IC6, and I am wrestling with the new via model. Our PDK uses "standard vias", so I understand that I need to use the dbCreateVia function. Apparently, I can override paramaters, even for standard vias, so I can use the following syntax: dbCreateVia(cvId viaId list...
    Posted to Custom IC SKILL (Forum) by TrevorB on Mon, Nov 30 2009
  • Disable a popup menu item!

    Hello! Tell me please, how to disable a item of my popup menu? Thank you very much!
    Posted to PCB SKILL (Forum) by lhansheng on Sat, Nov 28 2009
  • Re: ESD instances list .

    Hi Marbs, This sounds similar to my recent post on finding certain schematic instances , take a look. To help I will repeat the SKILL code snippet here. cv = geGetEditCellView() => db:0x452bdf92 esdCells = setof(inst cv~>instances rexMatchp("^[eE][sS][dD]" inst~>cellName)) => (db...
    Posted to Custom IC SKILL (Forum) by skillUser on Tue, Nov 24 2009
  • Re: methods for variable integer to string conversion

    Thanks Andrew for your suggestions. I like the array idea too. However, it would be nice to be able to use a wild card so that I don't have to declare all the variables in the array. e.g. I thought declare(pp**_[10]) would let me declare the array just once for something like: pp1x_[m], pp1y_[m]...
    Posted to Custom IC SKILL (Forum) by sprinter on Wed, Nov 18 2009
  • Re: methods for variable integer to string conversion

    Hi Lawrence, I shall appreciate if you could help me achieve the opposite, i.e. converting string to a variable. I want the vertices of a polygon to be variables with an index (say 'm') included in its name which gets updated in a 'for' loop. I'm unable to assign an integer value...
    Posted to Custom IC SKILL (Forum) by sprinter on Tue, Nov 17 2009
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